Attention Students:

The Student Email Migration to Microsoft Exchange Online has been completed.

In doing so all passwords had to be reset to meet Microsoft's Password Complexity requirements.

The new format for passwords is:  uppercase first initial of first name, lower case first initial of your last name, period, last five digits of your Social Security number.


An example of a password for a user with the name Joseph Smith and the Social Security number of 000-12-3456 would be as follows: Js.23456


The user name is your full email address:




Please click this link to access the log on screen for your email


Five Towns College is providing its new email service to the student population that is actively enrolled in the college.  Please contact Career Services at  631-656-2163 or careerservices@ftc.edu if you wish to be provided with Career Services updates from the college.


Student Email on your Smartphone


To sync your Five Towns College Email account with your phone, please follow these instructions:


ACCOUNT TYPE:  Microsoft Exchange

SERVER NAME:  pod51011.outlook.com

DOMAIN NAME:  pod51011.outlook.com

USERNAME:  Full Five Towns College Email address including the @fivetowns.edu

PASSWORD:  Capital first letter of your first name, lowercase first letter of your last name, period, last five digits of your social security number



Thank you,


Network Operations Department
Five Towns College