Attention Students:

The Student Portal is accessible now.

Your account passwords were changed to the same as your new email password.  Passwords need to match Microsoft’s best practices password policy.

The new format for passwords is:  uppercase first initial of first name, lower case first initial of your last name, period, last five digits of your Social Security number.


An example of a password for a user with the name Joseph Smith and the Social Security number of

000-12-3456 would be as follows: Js.23456


Please click this link to access the log on screen for Student Portal


NOTE:  Usernames have been changed for some students.  If your username consisted of your lastname and first initial, (example: Bill Smith = smithb) this login has been changed.  Please use the first part of your email address for access. ( Example: if your username is smithb, but your email address is smithb365, please use smithb365 to log in).


The first time you try to log in you will receive a SYSTEM ERROR, this is normal.  Please try to log in a second time.  If you continue to have trouble logging in, please email support@ftc.edu.


Thank you,


Network Operations Department
Five Towns College