Five Towns College Residence Halls

The Campus

Five Towns College is located in a mecca of world culture. Within easy commute of the College are institutions where world-renowned musicians, artists, and performers regularly appear. In addition, the College is geographically close to numerous famous educators, journalists, broadcasters, and CEOs.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Long Island's North Shore, Five Towns College offers students the opportunity to study in an attractive suburban environment. The College's serene 35-acre campus, located in the wooded countryside of Dix Hills, in the town of Huntington, New York, provides students with a park-like refuge where they can achieve their academic goals. The campus consists of a number of interconnected structures that house the academic and other related facilities of the College. These include a Performing Arts Center, Dining Hall, Student Lounge, Library, Classrooms, Gymnasium, Administrative Offices, and a brand new complex of Audio/Video studios. The campus also contains an attractive central courtyard and athletic fields.

Facilities & Equipment

The Five Towns College campus is equipped with the latest in information technology, and has a wide variety of facilities that support the College's instructional program, student services, and extracurricular activities. These state-of-the-art facilities include three audio recording studios, a film/television studio, a piano lab, a ProTools/MIDI lab, a PC Lab, a Computer Graphics Lab, as well as the College Library, a Learning Center, Music Rooms and Studios, the Upbeat and Downbeat Café, the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center, and the College Bookstore. Fiber optic cables run throughout the campus and support a Local Area Network (LAN), which operates on an NT platform. A T-3 fiber optic connection provides access to the World Wide Web. A Shared Area Network (SAN) allows students and faculty to move seamlessly throughout the College's production facilities, with centralized archival and retrieval capabilities over a discrete fiber optic network. Administrative computing is based on a separate CampusVue platform and network.