Five Towns College Studio During Filming

Film/Video Program

The Five Towns College Film/Video Program offers students a unique opportunity to master industry practices while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A) in Film/Video.  From the first day of classes, students are trained and educated by award-winning professors on the same state-of-the-art equipment used by industry professionals.

Some of the skills that students will learn are Screenwriting, Lighting, Special Effects, Production Design, Editing, Producing, and Directing. This rigorous curriculum will equip the Five Towns College graduate with an impressive array of skills and an extensive knowledge that will leave them well prepared to succeed in whatever career they choose.

Courses of Study

The Film/Video Program offers a wide variety of study in Film, Video, Documentary Production, Cinematography and New Media.  Courses include: Screenwriting, TV and Film Basic Production, Narrative Filmmaking, Digital Film Editing, Advanced Editing and Special Effects, TV Commercial Production, Independent Filmmaking, Production Design, Audio for Video, Film Classics, Film History, and Directing, Acting for Camera, Intermediate and Advanced Cinematography, Documentary, Comics to Film, Producing, and Senior Film Production.


The Film/Television studios at Five Town Colleges are fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment.  Learning and training on the same equipment used by Hollywood studios, Five Towns students are ensured a seamless transition from educational to professional life. 

Our studio consists of a control room, sound stage, classroom, as well as several editing suites. 

The sound stage is equipped with a lightning grid, silent air-conditioning unit, and several studio cameras.  The control room is equipped with an Echolab MVS6 switcher, sync generators, Camera Control Units, NTSC monitors, ADC patch bays, two 50" plasma televisions, and a Porta com communications system.

Our equipment room contains a wide variety of film and video equipment that students can reserve to create their own film projects.  This equipment includes: Arri 16-SR2 and Arri 16-SR3 film cameras, Canon XL2, Sony DSR390, Sony DSR250, Sony High Definition EX3, digital video cameras, Sekonic and Spectra light meters, Zeiss and Canon zoom lenses, Tiffen filters,  JVC and Sony field monitors, Marshall and Transvideo onboard monitors, Mole-Richardson, Arri, KinoFlo and Chimera lights, Arri HMI lights, Sennheiser and Shure wireless lavaliere kit, Sennheiser shotgun mics, 30' Jimmy Jib, Fisher 11 Dolly, Moviola Dolly, Western Dolly Shure, Marantz, Fostex and Sound Devices field audio mixers, Mole-Richardson and Arri stands and grip hardware.

Film/Video Editing Lab

In addition to the Film/Video editing suites in the studio, there is a fully equipped computer lab where students learn cutting edge editing techniques under the tutelage of our editing professionals.  This lab is equipped with Apple Pro Mac Computers and 20 inch Apple IMACs running a variety of editing of software such as Final Cut Studio 2 and Adobe Creative Suite.

Some of other the installed software includes Gorilla Producing Software, Framforge 3d Studios, Magic Bullet (Colorista, Frames, Instant HD, and Looks), Automatic Duck, Boris FX, Twitch, Riot Gear, and Video Copilot.  All computers in the graphics lab are networked to an HP color, hi-resolution printer.  The computer graphics lab is equipped with a full-color LCD projection system.  All computers have internet connectivity as well as being connected to the Five Towns College network.


Students are encouraged to participate in film and video internships. Duties include participation in weekly seminars, maintaining a journal, and submitting periodic reports on their work experiences.  Working alongside industry professionals, students not only get the chance to see how well their education has prepared them for the real world, but also gain invaluable work experience and forge relationships with businesses where they may someday seek employment.  The Career Services Office provides students with information about potential job opportunities and helps equip them with the tools they need to become successful applicants, such as resume preparation.  Recent internships have included positions at Panavision, MTV, Cablevision, VH1, HBO, Kingsworld Productions, The Rachel Ray Show, and Channel 12 News.

Career Opportunities

The comprehensive Film/Video Program at Five Towns College will leave the student well prepared to succeed in film, television, broadcasting, or new media.  Whether seeking a career as a Director, Producer, Broadcast Engineer, Editor, Cinematographer, or any of the countless positions in the field, Five Towns College gives students the educational and professional edge needed to come out on top.



B.F.A. Film Video


Consumer Information


Assumptions Underlying the Data Presented in This Table:

  1. The Student is a first-time entering college student

  2. The student is enrolled full-time at the college.

  3. The student is continually enrolled at the college.

  4. The student is not employed full-time or substantially part-time.

  5. The student passes all required courses.

  6. The student registers for all courses in the recommended sequence.

  7. The student satisfies all graduation criteria in a timely manner.

  8. The student has no circumstances that adversely affect her/his academic progress.

  9. One or more courses completed during a summer session are counted as a semester

  10. Expected Room and Board charges assume a stay of no more than 2 years recommended for the Residence Halls.

  11. Expected Tuition and Fee charges are based on completion of the degree program in the catalog’s posted number of semesters.

  12. Expected Book and Supply charges are based upon retail prices and do not include possible shipping and handling charges.

  13. Placement Rates are based upon the 2011 graduates in the year of their graduation.  Placement rates by degree program are undergoing further analysis.



Degree Program: B.F.A. Film/Video


CIP Code: 50.0601


HEGIS Code: 1010


Type of Consumer Information

The College Data


Graduates for the Following Years:

2011, 2012


Total Number of Graduates:



Number of Credits Required To Complete Program:



Expected Number of Semesters To Complete Program:



Expected Number of Years To Complete Program:



Median Actual Number of Semesters to Complete Program:



Median Actual Number of Years to Complete Program:



Percentage of On-Time Completers:



Expected Tuition and Fee Charges:



Median Actual Tuition and Fee Charges:

$77, 860


Expected Book and Supply Charges:



Typical Book and Supply Costs:



Expected Room and Board Charges:



Median Actual Room and Board Charges:



Median Actual Federal Loan Debt of Graduates:



Median Actual Private Loan Debt of Graduates:



Job Placement of Graduates



SOC Codes Possibly Appropriate for Graduates:



27-4030 Television, Video, and Motion Picture Camera Operators and Editors



27-1027 Set and Exhibit Designers



27-4031 Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture



27-4032 Film and Video Editors



27-4099 Media and Communication Equipment Workers, All Other



27-2011 Actors, Producers, and Directors



27-2012 Producers and Directors



39-3020 Motion Picture Projectionists



39-3021 Motion Picture Projectionists



*”Expected” refers to the posted catalog or website charges for a student following the expected sequence of courses and expected number of semesters to complete the degree program.
** The "Median" is the midpoint when the data are ranked from the lowest number of years or dollar to the highest number of years or dollars.