The Theatre Arts program at Five Towns College develops knowledge, skills, and dispositions in acting, singing, dancing, theatre design and technology, management, and theatre history. By providing a wide variety of experiences, the program prepares graduates who are capable of participating in the entertainment industry which encompasses live, broadcast, and taped productions.

Graduates of the Theatre Arts Program shall be able to:


Demonstrate the ability to prepare and perform a role for public performance,
revealing character intention and plot development.


Vocalize a range of musical scores for public performance.


Execute a sequence of dance movements as part of a theatrical ensemble

Theatre Design and Technology

Create the elements of a theatrical production and demonstrate the technological competencies necessary for implementation, including those necessary for lighting, set construction, costuming, makeup, sound, and house management.


Compare and contrast the different skills necessary to direct, stage manage, and house manage a theatrical performance.

Theatre History

Recognize, classify and describe major styles and periods of theatre history and dramatic literature.


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