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Academic Information

The College makes available the finest quality of instruction. Students are expected to achieve appropriate levels of academic performance, to be knowledgeable about prerequisites for admission to specific courses, and to be aware of graduation requirements and College policies procedures and regulations in the College's official publications.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the registration of students and the maintenance of all academic records and credentials.  Students should address all requests and/or petitions about matters of academics standing to the Academic Standards Committee. 


Unit of Credit

The semester hour is the unit of credit used by Five Towns College.  One semester hour represents approximately three hours of study per week for one semester.  For example, a course requiring three class recitations (60-mimute periods a week for a semester would receive three semester hours of credit.  Credit for major Instrument/Voice instruction based on one lesson a week plus a minimum of six house of individual practice. 


Grade Point Average (G.P.A)

Grade point averages are computed by multiplying the point value of each grade by the credits designated for each course.  This gives the grade point total.  The sum of these totals divided by the number of credits attempted gives the G.P.A for the semester


Incomplete Grades (I)

“I” is a grade recorded from a course in which a student has failed to complete certain work or has been absent from the final examination because of circumstances beyond his/her control.  The written approvals of the Chairperson and Dean are required before an “I” grade may be given.  An incomplete not removed before the tenth week of the following semester becomes and “F”.  Responsibility for removing an “I” within this time limit rest with the student. 


Repeat Grades (R)

“R” is a grade given in non-credit courses for course requirements not successfully completed.


Distance Learning/Online Courses

Five Towns College reserves the right to offer a portion of each degree program in an online course format.  In such cases, the College expects that students registering for these courses will supple their own computer and access to the Internet, as set forth in the Catalog section entitled: "Computer Requirements.”  The College also reserves the right to limit the number of online courses that any student may pursue wholly online.  In order to ensure the integrity of online courses, the College may require students enrolled in online courses to present themselves at the College for a variety of reasons, including course orientation, and mid semester and final examinations.