Current Student Testimonials



Mehan Franqui, 17                            Jazz Commercial

Five Towns College is a great school with welcoming professors and students.  At FTC each program is its own little family.”


Vladimir Zapata, 16                           Film/Video

“My experience at Five Towns has been positive for the two years I’ve been here.  I have improved in many areas such as script writing, my knowledge of cameras and how to direct my own short movies.”


Julia Martinez, 16                              Audio Recording Technology

“The professors at Five Towns have been nothing but amazing.”


Tatiana Vasquez, 16                          Business Management

“I like the small classes because you can interact better with the professors and the students in class.  Attending a college close to home was the right choice for me.”



Kristin Bestles, ‘14                             Jazz Commercial Music/Audio


Faculty and staff are very inspirational.  I have grown and learned so much from attending FTC.”


Leila Scandar, ’14                              Theatre Arts


“In the four years I learned that I am an artist.  I came to FTC as an actress but throughout my journey here I learned other perspectives of theatre.  The encouraging words of my professors helped me to grow and to become the person that I am today.  Not only am I building an acting resume but a technical one too.”


Christany Johnson, ’14                      Business Management/Audio Recording


“Five Towns College makes me feel as if I’m not just another student or number in class.  I believe my professors actually care about my well-being which encourages me to continue pushing forward towards my dreams.”


James Smith, ’14                               Business Management/Audio Recording


“The teachers are just as passionate as the students.”


Michelle Morin, 14                            Business Management with Music Business


Five Towns College’s Business Department has the most helpful instructors and they are great educators.”


James Washington, 16                     Business


“The Audio Program at Five Towns College is amazing!  The Professors are extremely helpful especially Professor Dalia.  The hands-on training that they give you is outstanding.”


Nicholas Yurisak, 17                        Music Business


“Music is my passion and I came to Five Towns to acquire the tools necessary to make my passion a career.”


David Correa, 14                              Business Management
“Five Towns College is a place where education becomes exciting and where dreams can become a reality.”


Kassandra Facey, ’15                       Business Management


“The students at Five Towns College are focused, inspired, vibrant and have a desire to explore new horizons.  This is the place I’m going to learn how to accomplish my goals.”


Christofer Del Greco, ’16                  Film/Video


“Five Towns College is a great school for people who want to achieve their goals.  The college provides good hands-on training and tools prepare us for what’s to come in the real world.”


Domenick Labozetta, ’15                  Audio Engineering


“In the short period of time I’ve been attending Five Towns, I’ve learned an incredible amount not just academically but also emotionally.  From the faculty to the professors to the servers in the cafe are all gracious and pleasant to be around.  Five Towns is now my home and I’ve never felt so determined to succeed in life, I finally have a purpose!“


Douglas Liantonio, ’13                      Business with Audio Technology


“As someone who wasn’t very experienced in the business world, Five Towns has helped me obtain a better understanding of the business world in just my first semester.”


Ariana Ciccarelli, ’16                         Music Business


“I really enjoy all of my classes.  Every professor has some experience within the industry giving students up to date information.  There are so many opportunities here at Five Towns as well including a wide variety of clubs.  I am now a member of three acapella groups.  It made me a better musician and it’s so much fun!  There are also many benefits and showcases to perform in at the FTC too.  The school offers a great work study program which I am also involved in.”


Michelle Rocco, ‘15                           Theatre Arts


“Being such a close division, our professors are able to help each of us grow at our own individual pace.”


Jess Baker, ’14                                  Film/Video


“The Film/Video Program at Five Towns College is a great way to get hands-on experience in filmmaking.  From the first day you are given a camera and the freedom to produce your very own projects.  I have created a body of work that I’m proud of and the people I’ve me at FTC will be my friends and fellow collaborators for years to come.”


Zachary Kirsimer, ’13                         Music


“Professor Gleason is really an amazing teacher and I can truly say that I have learned a lot in his class.  He is a valuable faculty member and his class is educational and informative.”


Bryan DeVivo, ’13                              Business with Audio


“I enjoy the small class sizes and all the shows they put on almost every weekend at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center.  I also like the up-to-date equipment and technology in the Audio studios and classrooms.”


Louis Torre, ’14                                 Business Management


“The thing I like most about Five Towns College is the people I’ve met and the long lasting friendships I’ve created with them.”


Jarryd Nelson, ’13                             Jazz Commercial Music


“Five Towns College has exposed me to different styles of music and refined my skills in all aspects of performance and recording.”


Mark Barrow, ’14                           Business Management with Music Business


“The Professors are really good at teaching what they know so that every student can apply it to the real world.”


Kristina Lodestro, ’13                        Theatre Arts


“I really like how in my classes I’m not just a number I’m a person.  All of my professors know who I am and what I need to work on to grow as a performer."



Justin Steele, ‘14                    Music Education


“Such an amazing music education program!  A lot of hard work but definitely worth the effort for the future.  As a senior in college I cannot wait to use what I’ve learned at FTC.”



Alex Yake, ’14           Business Management with Audio Recording

Quote from internship Journal, Summer 2012


“When I started my internship at Entertainment One I didn’t know what to expect.  I found out there is a lot of work that goes on at an independent label.  I learned a lot about Neilsen Soundscan that charts all albums and songs by sales.  I met artists personally and business people from different labels which is a good way to make connections.  The experience were invaluable and I am grateful and excited to use the knowledge I gained at eOne.  This experience solidified that I want to go into the music industry.”


Mark Barrow, ’14                   Business Management/Music Business


“The professors are really good at what they know best.  Every student can apply what they’ve learned to the real world.”


Alden Brown, Graduation ’14          Jazz Commercial Music with Musical Theatre


“As a singer in my church’s music ministry, I knew I wanted to pursue music as my course of study.  What I didn’t know was how much more there was to learn about in the world of music!  Five Towns College opened up my eyes to the world of music, theatre, voice, film and the great possibilities that are out there for me.  Since beginning my studies at Five Towns I have found a new passion and appreciation for all facets of the Performing Arts.”


Alexander Lorendo Stone, ’16          Music Business with Audio


"Five Towns College has exposed me to jazz performance in a group setting.  I have learned and explored advanced concepts of jazz harmony and voice.  I have been able to perform in a variety of ensembles using keyboard, violin and voice."


Patrice Ryan, ’15                                Jazz Commercial Music with Audio

“For the past two years that I’ve attended Five Towns College I have had the best quality education as a music major.  The classes are small and you receive a lot more attention from your professors.  The Academic Support Center at the college provided me with tutoring and I am now doing even better in my classes.  Professor Albert, Professor Ryan and Dean Barr who run the program have helped me tremendously enabling me to become very successful at FTC.”