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The Office of Residence Life (ORL)


Fire Safety Tips


  • Imagine a fire breaks out; live the incident entirely in your mind for practice.
  • Close your eyes, and practice, and escape.
  • Know how to open windows and what is on the ground below them.
  • Know how to remove screens in an emergency.
  • Have a flashlight and check the batteries monthly.
  • If fire or smoke blocks your path, soak towels and secure them against the bottom of the door.
  • Call security and tell them your location if you are trapped.
  • Always treat a fire alarm as an emergency!


Your Safety First!
It's easy to develop a false sense of security living in a residence hall. It's important to remember that crime can happen anywhere. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to stay aware and stay safe.


How can we protect ourselves and our property in the residence halls?

  • Always keep your room or apartment door locked.
  • Never go to sleep without checking your door and window locks.
  • Always keep your valuables ($, jewelry, wallets) locked in a safe place or hidden out of plain sight.
  • Immediately contact the RA On-Call and the Security Guard in your building to report trespassing, lost or stolen items, or suspicious behavior as you see it.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the visitors in your building. Make a mental note of their appearance, dress, and behavior for later identification if necessary.
  • Always carry your student ID card and your key with you at all times.


Remember, you are responsible for your property and personal safety. Be aware for yourself, and others. Together we can keep our home safe!


The Office of Residence Life (ORL)

Housing Eligibility


To be eligible for FTC housing students must be:

  • accepted and matriculated at FTC
  • have a current student account with no holds for late tuition or other payments
  • have proof of ability to cover all charges
  • enrolled in FTC student health insurance or have proof of similar health insurance coverage as indicated by completing a health insurance waiver with the Office of Human Resources,
  • registered as full-time students by being enrolled in classes five days per week


Special Needs and Accommodations
Students with disabilities may apply for special needs housing opportunities that may be granted provided FTC has the ability to fulfill such requests. Students must request specific special needs accommodations each year on




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Summer Housing
For information about summer housing at Five Towns College, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (631) 656-3127


LINK TO Summer Housing Application