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Mission Statement

The Student Activities Office strives to create a campus community in which students become socially responsible citizens while achieving academic and personal success. It provides a range of services and programs to assist individual students as well as student organizations that support individual growth, social cohesion, and cultural diversity.


The Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Association serves as a voice of the students to the faculty and administration. Students can get involved through their organizations and committees.  All recognized clubs and organizations fall under the jurisdiction of the Student Government Association (SGA).  The SGA is the elected representative student body of the campus and is responsible for creating many of the policy-making decisions that affect clubs, organizations and student life.  The SGA consists of a variety of positions from a member at large to committee chairs and is overseen by the Office of Student Activities.  If you have questions concerning any SGA projects and/or initiatives, feel free to contact the any SGA member below. If you are interested in volunteering for an event or getting involved, please email


SGA Committees

The SGA Committee Chairs are appointed by and are advisory to the President of Student Government.  Each spring the SGA President will conduct a competitive appointment process in order to select students who have the desire to serve on their committee of interest.

Committee appointments will become effective at the beginning of the summer semester and will expire at the end of the semester. Each standing committee will have a written statement of its operating procedures and submit an annual report of their activities to the President of Student Government Association. 


A complete list of the SGA Committees is listed below for your review.  Please take a moment to determine the committees that most interest you.  It would be our desire that all students with a committee interest apply and interview for a seat this coming semester.


SGA Committees
Safety & Security Committee           
Food Service Committee                  
Residence Hall Association Committee      
Student Activities Committee 
Budget Committee



Student Clubs & Organizations