student life

Starting a New Club
Formation of new clubs and organizations that enhance student life is greatly encouraged.  In order for a club to become eligible to use the services available on campus, it must ask for and receive recognition from both the Student Government and Student Activities Office.  This process is outlined in the six steps below.



  1. Establish a purpose of your organization and approach a member of the 

Student Activities staff to indicate your interest in becoming a recognized club.

  1. In cooperation with Student Activities; conduct interest meeting to recruit potential members.
  2. Fill out an application for recognition to the President of the Student Government    Association and copy this to the Student Activities Office.
  3. Prepare a mission statement and obtain an advisor and a list of 5 potential members enrolled on campus. (LINK TO FTC ROSTER)
  4. Request to placed on the Student Government Association agenda and be present to answer question by the members     of the SGA. 


On a semester basis all clubs and organizations seeking official recognition by The Office of Student Activities must complete the following:


1. Valid Rosters submitted by 3rd week of September for the academic year
Refer to Club Manual for roster requirements.
If needed, a updated copy in the Spring semester

2. Review and hand in Mission Statement every year by the end of September.

3. Attendance at Leader Conference and/or Student Government meetings in
the Fall and Spring
Semester.*(minimum of one Executive Board members)

4. Sponsor one open campus event per semester by December 1st in the Fall
Semester and May 1st in the Spring Semester.


· Formal recognition of Club as a FTC sanctioned group
· Access to facility usage
· Access to SGA & Student Activities funds for programming

Clubs and organizations that do not comply will be placed on the following sanctions:
Level I:        Formal Warning.
Level II:       No funding from SGA, Student Activities.
Level III:      No formal recognition & loss of all privileges.


Sponsoring An Event