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Sponsoring An Event


All  events must be registered through Student Activities.  Regardless of what type of event is being scheduled, there are certain procedures an organization must follow.  All events, on or off campus, must be held in compliance with the policies and procedures set forth in this manual.
Procedure for sponsoring an event:
An event form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the schedule date of the event
**All Events Sponsored by Clubs and Organizations Must Obtain Approval From the Department of Student Activities**


1. To provide the necessary support services with advance notice to prepare for these events.
2. To ensure the sponsoring group has ample time to plan and advertise effectively.


Obtain a program/event worksheet form from the Student Activities Office


To order food for an event, see a dining services catering manger.  Write all food requests with prices attached to program/event worksheet. 


Any Educational Media, Food Requests, Transportation Request, and Set up Diagram must be submitted with Event Planning Form at Least Two Weeks in advance.


Your advisor must always sign off on all forms.
Incomplete forms will not be approved and will be returned to your club mailbox.


You may only advertise for the approved date and location written on your form


If you must cancel an event, for any reason, you must contact Student Activities immediately.  Failure to give proper notification may also result in your organization being prohibited from submitting future event forms.
Approval for any events is reserved by the Department of Student Development & Activities.