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The Office of Residence Life (ORL)

Permissible Items for Residential Living


The following is the list of items that residents may bring to the residence halls in compliance with FTC Fire and Personal Safety policies. All FTC residents must comply with these policies.
Residents can get creative with many of the permissible items on the lists that follow. We encourage you to personalize your space to help make your room your home away from home. Absolute necessities are in bold print. Thank you for cooperating with the FTC policies, which are designed with your community's safety and comfort in mind.


Permissible Items
Alarm Clock
Area Rug
Art Supplies/Stationary


All Bedding and Linens
(Mattresses measure 36” x 80” x 7.25” High [twin extra long].)
Eating Utensils/Tupperware
Can/Bottle Opener
Cell Phone
Power Strip/Surge Protector
Portable Fan
First Aid Kit
Prescription Drugs
Hair Dryer
Iron/Folding Ironing Board


Laundry Bag or Basket
Laundry Detergent
Cleaning Supplies
Radio/Small Stereo
Rain Gear/Umbrella
Ruler/Scissors/Stapler Sewing Kit
Sponges/Dish Soap/Dish Towels
Fun Tack


Towels (Bath/Hand)
Trash Can/Bags



The Office of Residence Life (ORL)
To Report an Emergency/Crime/Concern
In any emergency, medical or otherwise, do the following immediately:
Call FTC Security at x2196 or call 9-911 from any on-campus phone, then call your RA and/or AD On-Call.

RA and AD On-Call schedules are posted monthly on each floor of the residence halls on the bulletin boards near elevators and stairwells.



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