Campus Store

The Five Towns College bookstore carries a variety of items that students may need such as musician’s gear, small electronics, audio accessories, sweatshirts, backpacks and more. The campus store is open daily when the college is in session.

Please purchase all of your required textbooks at in order to secure the proper, adopted titles.

NOTE:  You may access with your email address to view the booklist.  Credit card information is not required until you are ready to purchase your selected books.

The College bookstore doubles as a tech and an academic store. Students may elect to sell their textbooks back on-campus during the weeks of fall and spring finals. They may also sell their textbooks back at any time during the year to


Course Schedule (PDF)

Downloads (PDF) Policy

Course materials must be returned within 21 days of date received or from the start date of class, whichever is later. A copy of the order receipt must be provided with any return. New course materials must be returned in new, unopened condition in order to receive credit or refund. All components of a bundled item must be returned together in the same return. All shrink wrapped items must be returned unopened and in the original shrink wrap to receive credit or refund. Downloaded eBooks are not returnable. Online eBooks may be returnable under certain circumstances. Electronics, special ordered items, imprinted merchandise, and PODS (Print on Demand Titles) are non-returnable. Once POD is purchased the eBook counterpart becomes non-returnable. Damaged course materials may be exchanged if they are received damaged and we are notified upon receipt of the damaged materials. For more detailed information, please visit the online bookstore at

Vital Source has amended their returns policy.  This change does not affect the number of days to return (14 days default), but also includes books that cannot be accessed more than 20%.


Question: In Course Smart, the percent accessed rule meant I either viewed / read, printed or downloaded (referred to as “checked out”) more than the allowed percentage, then the book would no longer be returnable. If checked out, I had the ability to “check back in” and the return would be allowed as long as the other portions of the rule was not broken. How does this work in Vital Source? Can you define the rule in more detail? What does “accessed” mean?

Answer: Accessed means you touched the page. It does not matter for how long. So if you decide on day one to flip through half of the book and not actually read it then you will be considered to have accessed more than 20 –percent of the book and are not eligible for a refund.

Question: If I download the book in Vital Source, and do so in its entirety, does this mean the book is no longer returnable or is it only if I accessed using Bookshelf Online and read more than 20%?

Answer: The book is still returnable (AS LONG AS it has not been registered that 20 percent of the book has not already been accessed).

Question: Is there somewhere I would be able to see how much % I have accessed?

Answer: Currently there is no place for you to see the percentage of content accessed.

Note: A Request has been submitted to Vital Source to add this to their enhancement list and display % to you.

New VitalSource Bookshelf Password Policy: As you may be aware that Vital Source also updated their Bookshelf password policy. Summary provided here:

On-Campus Store Policy

New/shrink-wrapped books in mint condition may be returned with the original receipt within 10 business days for Spring & Fall sessions. Summer session and Intersession books are final sale, due to the shorter session. An official proof of class withdrawal will be honored for full refunds of all books. Books that were sold as new must be returned as new or the refund will be adjusted as a refund for a used book since it is no longer in mint condition/shrink-wrapped. Current prices, ISBN’s and titles are subject to change without prior notice Choir/Chorus outfits are final sale!

Used books are sold as-is and all sales are final. Used books are labeled “Used” on the outside binding and stamped “Received used” inside the back cover. We do not guarantee the condition of used books. We will not be held liable for purchases made elsewhere as a result of the itinerary booklist that we have published. The original return policy will apply as indicated above.