2019 High School Summer Series in Full Swing

2019 High School Summer Series in Full Swing


Filmmaking class in the High School Summer Series-Digital Media and Entertainment Industry Studies

The 2019 High School Summer Series – Digital Media and Entertainment Industry Studies is underway! High school students get an inside look into the academic programs offered at Five Towns College in a hands-on, educational experience.

Around campus, students are participating in one of four hands-on, educational programs:

  1. Audio Recording Production – Students in this workshop can be found in one of three industry standard audio recording studios. This week, students experienced an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes audio recording demo of the FTC student band, OneWay! High School students eagerly took turns operating the audio console while others focused on their listening skills throughout the demo.
  2. Filmmaking – Each day, filmmaking students can be seen filming in a different location on campus. For example, the workshops were broken up into four different groups and were filming in the library, film studio, and just outside the Interactive Computer Graphics Experience Lab. As part of the program, students also work in the Mac Lab, editing their footage into what will become their very own short films!
  3. Drawing and Digital Imaging – Creative students who are taking drawing and digital imaging are immersed into the creative process by drawing and painting still life and landscapes. Recently, they were spotted in the Upbeat Courtyard painting landscapes using watercolors. These traditional skills serve as the foundation for digital media, where their illustrations come to life in the Interactive Computer Graphics Experience Lab!
  4. Pre-College Pop/Rock/Jazz Ensemble – This ensemble workshop gives students an opportunity to jam to many styles of music ranging from Top 40, Rock, Jazz and Funk to Latin. While they are developing their musical skills in an ensemble setting, they are encouraged to test out new instruments, too!

Overall, students and faculty alike are enjoying the small campus environment with the ability to experiment with new technology and collaborate creatively with peers. It is not surprising to learn that many high school students who attend the Summer Series subsequently enroll as full- time Five Towns College students. It’s great to focus on the things you love, stay close to home, and thrive on campus!

So, create more @ Five Towns College! Spend the summer with other creative individuals on campus recording, filming, drawing, designing and playing music . . . do the things you love here!

Here are some pictures of the Summer Series in full swing:

Drawing and Digital Imaging class

Filmmaking class

Pre-college Pop/Rock/Jazz Ensemble class

Audio recording Production class during the Behind-the-Scenes Band Recording Demo