Earn an Associate’s Degree and Take Your Career Path to the Next Level! 

Finish Your Associate’s Degree Program Online!

Five Towns College helps Adult Learners finish their Associate’s Degree. The demands of real life sometimes interfere with individuals’ college plans and may unexpectedly place them on hold. But, why wait?

Start online and continue to earn necessary credits until you finish . . . before you know it, you’ll have earned your Associate’s Degree and a credential that shows you have invested in your education. This initiative is open to adult learners from various organizations, townships as well as Chambers of Commerce on Long Island.

So, if you have not yet finished your Associate’s Degree, Five Towns College is here to lend a helping hand. Whether you are busy working during the day or attending to family matters, you are not alone. Many adults like you have stalled their education plans; they have not been able to devote the time or money to completing their Associate’s Degree.

The time to change that is now! Five Towns College wants to make it simple for you to do so.

Here’s how:

  • Take at least one online class towards your Associate’s degree.
  • Then, take additional courses each semester.
  • Tuition is very affordable and competitive with nearby community college rates.
  • Plus, we will review your college transcripts and offer ample transfer credits to help you earn your degree.
  • Call 631-656-2102
  • For more information, email  AdultContinuingEd@ftc.edu

There is still time to apply!

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete and submit the Adult and Continuing Education application online. It is available here apply.ftc.edu/ace.
  2. Once submitted, send an unofficial copy of your previous college transcript(s). Submit your application online even if you don’t have your prior transcripts, we will help you obtain it.
  3. Once you submit your online application, a member of the Adult Continuing Education Division will contact you to discuss the degree program options.
  4. Once accepted, you will need to submit a copy of your immunization records.
  5. A tuition deposit of $200 will be required once accepted.
  6. Official transcript(s) from your previous colleges/universities are required once enrolled in your degree program.
  7. Your Academic Advisor will contact you to plan your schedule as well as assist you with establishing your student account.


  • Your Academic Advisor and the Registrar will review your transcript(s) to determine how many course credits you may be eligible to receive.
  • Evaluation of appropriate transfer credits are completed on a course-by-course basis.
  • Transfer credits from previous colleges/universities with a grade of C- or above will be accepted.
  • The College will consider courses taken up to the past fifteen (15) years at the time of enrollment, and up to 40 transfer credits allowed towards an Associate’s Degree.

Tuition and Payment Plan

Tuition will remain at the same rate for any Adult and Continuing Education student who matriculates into a degree program, and maintains continuous registration without interruption. All students must maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.0.


Adult and Continuing Education Tuition

The College has a generous scholarship policy. Thus, tuition will be $228/credit for the Adult and Continuing Education Associate’s Degree online courses listed below at this time. This means that a three-credit (3 credit) course would cost $684; this tuition is below what other colleges and universities charge adult learners.


Tuition payments are in the form of a check, credit or debit card. Students may elect to pay all or part of their tuition and fees by using the College approved NelNet Payment Plan.

Degrees and Resources


Designed for the working adult or the adult raising a family, these online courses are designed so that you may  finish your degree at your own pace. At Five Towns College, you now have the flexibility to take classes that fit your busy schedule at an affordable price.

Tutorial support from the Information Technology (IT) Department and/or the Online Education Division will assist in helping you set up your student portal and provides instruction about how to prepare for taking online courses before classes start. (See Q & A for more details.)


The Associate Degrees offered by the College are  60 credit programs. They are:


Each student will be assigned an Academic Advisor who will contact you to guide you through the registration process, the selection of your degree program, and the scheduling of classes.  They will assist you with any concerns that you may have while taking your classes.


Your success is vital to us, so you are encouraged to utilize any of the support services offered at the College. We will provide you with one-to-one advisement, online tutoring services, Student Access, IT help and even library assistance, if needed.


Q1. Will I need books for my online classes?

A:   You may be required in some courses to have a text or other online resource materials. Most are available as e-books through various sources or through the College’s online bookstore. In some cases, your instructors will not require a book. Please check the course overview for required and recommended texts for the course or consult with your instructor.

Q2: Are online courses the same as on-campus courses?

A: Online courses follow the same overview as the on-campus course.

Q3: What online platform will I be using?

A:  The Five Towns College online courses use the Canvas platform. One enrolled, a Canvas tutorial video will be provided to you, and you will speak with a member of the online instructional staff. For assistance contact sos@ftc.edu.

Q4: Why don’t I see my classes in Canvas?

A:    Your classes should appear in Canvas about three days prior to the start of class. If not, contact sos@ftc.edu or support@ftc.edu.

Q5: Will I get online instruction?

A: Yes, a member of the Online Education Division will contact and provide you with tutorial videos to review, if you need further help. For assistance, contact sos@ftc.edu.

Q6:  Once accepted, how do I find my user name or establish my own password?

A:   Check your personal email and follow the instructions to log into your personal account on the student portal. IT help desk can assist you  at support@ftc.edu.

Q7: What computer hardware and software will I need?

A:   All PC or Mac computers should have an internet connection bandwidth of 600 kbps, web cam, speakers or headphones. In addition, Microsoft Office 2019, 16 GB of RAM memory, 256 GB SSD storage and the latest Windows OS or MAC OS.

Q8: Where can I get IT help?

A:    The Information Technology (IT) Services Help Desk is available to you for phone or email consultations. Although not available 24/7, they will respond to you within a few hours during school days. Contact support@ftc.edu.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call 631-656-2102 or email Adultcontinuinged@ftc.edu.  Once you apply, you will be working one-on-one with your Advisor.