What can I do with a Bachelor of Music Degree With a Concentration in Composition or Songwriting?

Arrange or compose musical scores for bands, choral groups, individual instrumentalists or vocalists, orchestra, and video games.

Composition Teacher
Teach composition in your own private studio.

Direct various ensembles for concert settings or musical theater.

Film Score Composer
Compose music for independent filmmakers or for a major studio.

Film Orchestrator
Arrange a film score for orchestral performance or for studio production.

Music Editor
Select, mix, and balance music to enhance movies or music videos.

Jingle Writer
Write short catchy songs to advertise products or services.

Interpret the style, tone, and mood of a piece of music to provide words to match.

Music Professor
Continue your education to teach music and composition at the college level.

Compose or arrange music for performance by an orchestra.

Performing Songwriter
Write and perform original materials in a variety of styles for various venues.

Provides guidance to artists during the recording process in a studio.

Write and compose songs for musicians, bands, record labels and corporate accounts.

Adapt or arrange a musical composition for a voice or instrument other than the original setting.