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Guidelines for Use of College Facilities

When permission is granted, students/faculty/staff and/or outside organizations, vendors or individuals agree to comply with all the rules and regulations set forth below in addition to the Five Towns College Code of Conduct or relevant policies:

  1. Registered students with a valid ID card may only use facilities. Non-students are not allowed on campus or can only be permitted to attend events if approved via existing procedures and obtain FTC Visitor’s Pass.
  1. Students/faculty/staff and/or Supervising FTC faculty/staff assume responsibility for keeping order while they are using the facilities and agree to reimbursement for any damages. All costs resulting from careless use of college property or damage to College property will be charged to the responsible individuals. Further, outside organizations, vendors or individuals agree to comply with all terms of their respective contracts/agreements with Five Towns College.
  1. Grounds and rooms must be kept clean, neat and orderly.
  1. Only the facilities assigned in this agreement are to be used. They must be used only at the time designated.
  1. All college equipment must be returned promptly after the event.
  1. In case of an accident resulting in injury to any person or damage to any property, it must be immediately reported. An Incident Report will be completed and filed in the Five Towns College Public Safety Office.
  1. No food or drink is permitted in the Theater and there is to be no smoking in the College building at any time.
  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted, and all persons using intoxicating beverages are to be excluded from the building and grounds.
  1. Five Towns College reserves the right to alter or change any or all provisions of this agreement or to cancel it in its entirety at any time.

Note: This form is to be used for requesting use of the College’s facilities over and above the academic schedule, private instruction schedule, and administrative schedule. This form has been in existence for many years and is a requirement to approve an academic/extracurricular activity such as a film shoot project, concert, recital or other institutional program not on the Registrar’s class schedule but to be included on the Institutional Events Calendar.


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