Health Testing Info and Records: HouseMD and Other Provider Reports

Health Testing Info and Records: HouseMD and Other Provider Reports

Please review the updated Notice from Five Towns College President dated 12/28/21 announcing a delayed start to the Spring 2022 Semester until Monday, January 31, 2022 by clicking here.

Spring Semester 2022: Notice of FTC Vaccination Clinic 

At this time, no changes in policy have been made. Please remember that all are required to be vaccinated  and have the booster. Proof of vaccination/booster should be submitted to

Spring 2022:

Additional information about testing requirements can be addressed to: CAMPUSEVENTS@FTC.EDU

Health Records and Testing Reports/Results should be submitted to: HEALTHRECORDS@FTC.EDU

HOUSE MD TESTINGhousemd_logo

  • The College is offering testing services through House MD, which will offer both on-campus and in-home testing options and automatically submit your results to the College. Please read the information below if you are interested in this convenient testing option.
  • Please be advised that all individuals who submit tests results to the College via and/or and/or with Covid-19 test results that these will be shared with our partner House MD for the sole purpose of creating a college-wide summary report in which no personal identifying information will be released. By doing this, all individuals consent to this process.

To participate in testing with House MD, you must first register by:

    • Calling House MD at 631.636.6888; or
    • Visiting their website at Once you are on the website, access the Five Towns College Hotlink located on the right side of the page. You can book an appointment for yourself and members of your family if you wish. This is what the Hotlink looks like:
  • House MD Visit and Testing Options
    • In-Home Visits

Five Towns College faculty, staff, and students can utilize the dedicated Hotlink or Hotline to easy scheduling with a Board-Certified medical provider, who will come to your home for COVID RNA swabbing and antibody testing.  If you need a result soon and cannot wait for the next available Pop-Up clinic on campus, this may be your best option.

For Spring 2021:

Five Towns College Pop-Up Clinic for COVID Testing

COVID-19 Testing
All students, faculty, and staff must present proof of a negative COVID-19 Test prior to returning to campus.

  • Test results from 2020 are not acceptable.
  • Those who will be fully remote and will not be on campus at all are exempt from this requirement.
  • A new test must be taken in the seven-day period prior to March 22nd, and may not be a rapid- test – which is less reliable.
  • Tests may be taken at the on-campus test clinic noted below, or they may be taken independently at the medical provider of your choice.
  • Please note that the testing schedule noted below is subject to change. Due to the high demand for testing across the nation currently, the plan to test for the spring semester may be modified.
  • If you choose to use an independent lab, you are responsible for uploading proof of your negative test result directly to


Pre-Semester On-Campus Testing
 Pre-registration is required by using the FTC APP.

    • Mandatory Covid-19 Testing for Resident Student, Resident Staff, and Essential Workers (Maintenance, Food Service, Public Safety)
      Mandatory Testing will take place on the following dates:
           Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and Tuesday, May 11, 2021
    • Due to community spread concerns and compliance issues that arose during the Fall 2020 semester, all required individuals must participate in this event on campus.
    • You may not use an independent test provider without written authorization from the Dean of Students.
    • Any student or staff member who does not participate without having been excused will be immediately barred from campus.

Random Sample Testing
The College will conduct Random Sample Testing of approximately 20% of commuter students and non-essential campus workers on each Mandatory Testing date noted above. If you are selected for this test you are required to participate. Failure to participate will result in immediate suspension from campus life.

Voluntary Testing
Voluntary Testing may be available for other members of the community on a space available basis on Mandatory Testing Dates. Pre-registration is required.

Voluntary End of Semester Departure Testing for Resident Students
As of this date, the College is planning to offer voluntary end-of-semester Covid-19 testing for resident students planning to return home at the conclusion of the semester. This is designed to provide assurances to family members that students are coronavirus free before coming into contact with family members. The College is mindful that with widespread distribution of the vaccine later this spring, this testing date may become moot. This test may be available on or about:
June 8, 2021, Tuesday

House MD can provide the following additional services:

  • Clinical Assessments for Faculty, Students, and Staff
    • Dedicated as needed health assessment through House MD physicians and allied health professional staff can be scheduled at any time.
    • Full medical history and evaluations performed via House MD’s HIPAA secure tele medicine platform, or in-person visits to the patients’ home or campus for a more thorough examination.
  • STAT Urgent Care, Repeat COVID-19 Testing, Quarantine Oversight, Sick and Fit to Return to Campus Guidance and Notes.
    • House MD doctors and PA’s will provide STAT visits and health recommendations.
    • Repeat Nasal Swabbing or Labs for patients with exposure or symptoms of COVID-19
    • Quarantine Assessment and Fit to Return to School Notes for members of the College community who are positive, may have been exposed, or are required to be quarantined after returning to campus from a Hot Zone.
    • House MD is also available for any other health concerns, if needed.

All visits are covered by your current health insurance.  Please have your health insurance card ready when you call to schedule an appointment.

Please remember, you have other testing options, as set forth in the Five Towns College Plan for Reopening.  Five Towns College is not a medical provider and makes this information available to you for your convenience. It is your responsibility to consider your health options and to select your own health providers. Five Towns College is not affiliated with House MD in any way.


For members of the College community who wish to make their own testing arrangements, you are able to explore this option as well. The New York State Department of Health maintains a directory of approved COVID-19 testing facilities in all 50 states. Should you wish to find a testing center, please visit their website to explore available options near you.

Test results must include the following information in order to be accepted:

  • The name and location of the facility that you received your testing
  • The manner of the test (nasal swab, saliva test)
  • The date that the test was conducted
  • The result of the test (positive/negative)
  • Stamp/signature from the doctor/facility coordinating the test

Once your results are received, you are responsible for submitting them to the appropriate representative on campus. Test results can be submitted to: HEALTHRECORDS@FTC.EDU

NOTE: Residential Students should submit their records/reports to both and or via Fax to 631.656.3153