Mandatory Coronavirus/Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

All Faculty and Staff, except for adjunct faculty members teaching fully remotely, are required to become vaccinated when they become eligible. Inasmuch as the current NYS eligibility guidelines include all In-Person College Faculty and Essential Staff, almost without exception everyone working even partly on-ground at Five Towns College is now eligible, regardless of age or underlying health conditions.

In furtherance of this mandatory Policy, the following proof of compliance must be submitted to

• NYS Vaccination Card indicating dates of inoculation; or
• Proof of pending Vaccination Appointment Date; or
• Evidence of serious and sustained attempts to register for an appointment; or
• Medical Waiver – signed by a physician in a form acceptable to the College.

Proof of Compliance must be submitted no later than Friday, April 2, 2021. Updated information should be supplied thereafter as it becomes available to you.

The College recognizes that some segments of the population may have a long-standing aversion to public vaccination campaigns. However, individuals who choose to work in a school environment make a conscious decision to place the needs of students above their private apprehensions. If you fall into this category, we urge you to discuss your options with your physician immediately and to let us know by the April 2nd which path you will be choosing.

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