Nicholas B. Yurisak
Class of 2016
B.P.S. Business Management, Music Business
Independent Artist

Nick Yurisak graduated from Five Towns College in 2016 with a B.P.S. in Business Management/Music business. The New York City native pursued a path foreign to his first-generation family. Under scrutiny for campaigning a less-than-traditional degree, Nick persevered and excelled in the business of arts. By the end of his college career, Nick amassed Dean’s List each semester of enrollment, was inducted into Phi Sigma Eta, and graduated with cum laude honorable distinction.

Nick boasts that the most valuable lesson he learned in college was the Microeconomic theory of opportunity cost; in order to take something, you must give something in turn.

Devoted to dreaming with his eyes open, Nick tirelessly worked outside the classroom to further his career. In 2014 Nick and his alternative pop band, Pros & iCons, walked the red carpet alongside Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and fellow Five Towns College students Maroon 5, coinciding with Nick’s performance on the Jingle Ball Tour. Following this was a North American television commercial placement with Jaguar cars featuring Pros & iCons’ single “Days of September” continued to keep his career in success mode.

In 2016, Nick and his band packed their bags to head to Los Angeles to begin the writing process for their self-produced album “iConic”. Before graduation, Nick was able to work with esteemed Sony/ATV and Warner Chappell producers. Coming home just in time to receive his diploma, Nick then headed back to the West Coast to co-direct music videos for “Wild Hearts” and “Spotlight” in Hollywood and Beverley Hills, respectively.

Pros & iCons debut single “Wild Hearts” reached success by being featured on more than 90 outlets, including RNR TV, The Sound Chamber, and Club Com, reaching 15,000,000+ viewers across America and Canada. Picking up steam, Nick self-produced numerous records with his band and began to grow an artist roster of clients for his home studio by 2017. Proud to be an independent artist, Nick has applied the skills learned in the classroom to real world scenarios, such as filing out copyrights, registering his band as a limited liability company, managing finances, filing taxes, booking shows, organizing travel, and more, thanks to the education instilled in him by his professors.

Most recently, Nick performed on the final cross country Vans Warped Tour with Pros & iCons alongside 3OH!3, Simple Plan, and All Time Low. Nick is also co-directing and producing an upcoming music video for his band, and maintains his in-home studio where he produces for his clients.