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Apply for Spring or Fall 2021!

*Important Note: Spring 2021 semester now starts Monday, March 22. 

Now is the time to Focus on You @ Five Towns College. . .

Whether you’ve just graduated from a two-year college or are switching from a four-year college, Five Towns College makes the transfer process easy.

#1. Transfer students can enroll every day.

#2. The online application (& personal statement) has a few short steps to submit.

#3. All you need is your transcript, letter of recommendation, and a new path to your Bachelor’s degree awaits! Pre-recorded auditions and portfolios can be submitted online for Interactive Computer Graphics, Film/Video, Music and Theatre.

#4. Stay close to home and focus on the academic courses you love!

#5. Eligible students may qualify for Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Apply and enroll @ Five Towns College!

Isn’t it time you took your life to the next level?

Explore degree programs in Audio, Business, Film/Video, Interactive Computer Graphics, Mass Communication, Music Performance, Music Teacher Education, and Theatre Arts (act, dance & sing)!

• Contact to schedule a Zoom appointment.

• Bring or scan a copy of your transcript

• No application fee

• Same-day decision

• Contact for questions.

Level Up @ FTC!

Join us at the upcoming Virtual Open House to learn more!

Call Admissions at 631-656-2110 and/or contact for more!