Five Towns College is proud of its unique and beautiful suburban campus. Comprising about 40 acres in Dix Hills in the town of Huntington in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, the College boasts four Residence Halls, outside fields and gathering spaces, as well as a traditional Main Campus with administrative offices and classrooms. Most of all, the technological centers on campus cater to the creative student body and the incredible academic programs offered. Read below to learn more about some of the campus facilities.

MIDI/Non-Linear Lab

Equipment in MIDI/Non-Linear Lab

The MIDI Lab is comprised of 24 individual workstations equipped with a KORG Kronos Keyboards and iMac computers. Students learn how to use software for composing, sampling, nonlinear recording/editing, and notation. The workstations’ computers are compatible with the software found in Studio A, B, and C. All workstations are connected to the FTC LAN and have access to the Internet.

Each studio and the MIDI Lab are equipped with the latest versions of Pro Tools, Ablenton Live, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate, Reason, Logic, Toontracks’ Superior Drummer, Sibelius and Final Cut Pro. In addition to these applications, each of the audio facilities has professional audio plugins from Waves, Celemony, Sonnox, Slate Digital, Izotope, Toontracks, Antares, Syncro Arts, and AVID among others. Learn more about Audio Recording Technology Concentration at Five Towns College here.

Film/Television Center, Mass Communication Control Room and More

Film/Television Studio

Located in The John Lennon Center for Music and Technology, and other venues on campus, the Film/Television and Mass Communication Production Center is a multi-formatted suite consisting of a sizeable soundstage, fully equipped for both Broadcast Television or Film productions, with control room, classroom and screening area, and an industry standard complex of editing suites that handle 4K capacity workflow. The soundstage is a professional production facility equipped with lighting grid, cyclorama, 24ft. Triangle Jimmy Jib arm with a remote head, and full green screen capacity. The editing lab utilizes Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve Color Software, Maya Animation, as well as Avid and Final Cut Pro.

Representative cameras include the Red Scarlet Dragon, Canon C-100, Sony A7-S, Black Magic Pocket, Arriflex SR3 Super 16mm, SR2 Super 16mm, S16mm Film cameras, as well as the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D Mark I DSLR cameras. Lighting equipment includes IKAN LEDS, KinoFlo, Arri, Mole-Richardson, Chimera, and Lowell, with a full complement of Matthews and Bogen grip equipment. Camera support equipment consists of DJI Ronin 3-Axis stabilized gimbal system, Vario5 Easy- Rig Cinema 3 300N, Sachtler, Bogen, and Cartoni tripods. Dollies include Moviola, Matthews, and Fisher, as well as numerous curved and straight track. Additional equipment includes light meters by Sekonic and Spectra, an array of professional portable audio recording devices, microphones and lavalieres by Sennheiser, Sony, Shure and Audio Technica, video monitors by JVC, Transvideo, and Marshall, and HD-Video monitors by Sony. There is also a full complement of video and film lens filters, and a wide assortment of gels and diffusion by Rosco and Lee. In all, the Film/Television Center maintains enough equipment to fill several grip trucks. Learn more about our Film and Television and Mass Communication programs.

Interactive Computer Graphics Lab

Interactive Computer Graphics Lab

These new computer graphic workstations take advantage of a newly released breed of CPU and Graphic Display Cards capable of handling today’s computer intensive applications such as 3D animation and Virtual Reality for real-time feedback and near real-time rendering capabilities.  Each computer graphics workstation has 32 gigabytes of memory and is equipped with an AMD RYZEN 1950X CPU, giving students 16 CPU Cores and 32 Threads. The Graphics card is the NVIDA 1070TI capable of powering the latest Virtual Reality Headsets. For storage, each computer has one terabyte for student data and a dedicated SSD, (Solid State Drive) to function as a cache for both the Adobe suite and Autodesk’s 3D software. The computer graphics lab has 24″ HD Wacom tablets for digital drawing, a Makerbot 3D printer, and an HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset.

Each computer graphic workstation runs a multitude of computer graphics software. The entire suite from Adobe is on each computer which includes, PhotoShop, Aftereffects, Illustrator, Interactive, 3D Character, In-design, Premiere, XD, along with a host of other applications from Adobe. The whole Autodesk suite runs on each computer; this coupled with the Nvidia 1070TI graphics board makes running these applications very powerful.  Within the Audiodesk suite, each computer runs 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox, AutoCad, Civil 3D, Revit, Fusion360, and Inventor to name the common applications. New this year is the addition of 3Ds Interactive, formally named Stingray. This allows new students learning 3D to create Virtual Reality Applications. As new applications become available, they are tested and invested in for the computer lab.  The render Arnold is a new application recently added along with Substance Painter.  Learn more about our Interactive Media Arts program here.

FTC Sound Stream: Radio Station

FTC Sound Stream: Radio Station

The FTC SOUND STREAM is the Internet web-based streaming service of Five Towns College. Formerly known as WFTU (1570 AM), the radio station at Five Towns College has been upgraded and expanded its reach through a rebranding. It is a professional full-service college radio station operated, programmed and engineered by students and staff featuring music, talk, sports, news, information, and remote broadcasts. The station uses a Hot AC format for their music selections along with a variety of student programs which features music from rap to rock to hip hop to jazz.

The radio station is equipped with industry standard broadcasting gear, including the Wheatstone 24ch Full- Automated Digital Audio Console, VoxPro 6 audio recorder/ editor/playback system, Electro-Voice RE20 Microphones, Telos Streaming Audio Encoder, the latest in digital radio automation and music scheduling software, Adobe Audition editing and recording software, and with Blackmagic micro 4K cameras for video podcasts and online streaming.  Click here for more information about the Mass Communication program at Five Towns College.

Sound Athletics Facilities

FTC Sound Athletics Soccer Field

Home to the Five Towns College Sound Athletic Program, the Sound Arena accommodates a regulation size basketball court, volleyball court, locker rooms, bleacher seating, and offices for athletic coaches. The Five Towns College gymnasium is the home of the Sound Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball teams. The Sound Athletics Program also boasts Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams which belong to the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (HVIAC). The College even has an Esports Lounge for its Sound Esports team which is a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). Read more about Sound Esports here.

Learn more about Five Towns College Athletics here.

Residence Halls

Residence Halls at Five Towns College

Four relatively new residence halls offer clean and private living spaces equipped with private bathrooms. This is something our students rave about that is another great reason to live on campus. Access to double occupancy rooms is available to all first-year residence hall students. Single rooms may, in some instances, be available to students with special needs, based on proper documentation. Students with, at least, a sophomore class standing may apply for a single room, but they are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Residence Hall student housing costs, fees and the required meal plan expenses are available here.

The Five Towns College Performing Arts Center

The Five Towns College Performing Arts Center

The Five Towns College Performing Arts Center (FTC PAC) provides the space and opportunity for a wide variety of cultural performances by students, faculty, and visiting artists. Performances are exciting and enlightening for both the performers and the audience.

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) provides students with the opportunity to perform, act, sing and participate in professional quality productions and experience the realities and joys that draw individuals to the entertainment field. For sound mixing, the theatre is equipped with an Avid VENUE S6L 32 fader – 192 engine Front of House console, and an Avid VENUE S6L 24 fader – 192 engine monitor console. An Ion digital lighting console by Electronic Theatre Controls lights up the space.

The Main Stage is a professional space which can be configured for concerts, lectures, award shows, and diverse theatrical productions. The Main Stage includes a single-purchase fly system equipped with 19-line sets featuring 3 full-stage travelers, draperies, and scrim. The concealed lighting catwalk rises over the auditorium to provide access to the lighting coves and a full array of ETC Source Four Lekos, intelligent units by Martin and High End Systems, and other professional lighting and projection instruments. A scene and technical shop are located backstage, while an orchestra pit may be accommodated in front of the deck. The control room and mix position, from which industry standard lighting, sound, follow spots and control equipment are operated during performances, is located at the rear of the house. A professional box office is located in the lobby and is equipped with industry standard software. The campus also includes a costume shop equipped with eight sewing machines, and storage areas for stage props, furniture, and scenery. The Main Stage has raked seating for almost 500 attendees and a rated capacity of 658.  You can see upcoming programming at the FTC Performing Arts Center here.

Dining & Entertainment

The Upbeat Cafe at Five Towns College

The Upbeat Café is a full-service dining facility that is open each day. The Upbeat serves a wide assortment of hot and cold meals and late night snacks. For a full meal or just a gourmet snack between classes, the Upbeat Café is the ideal place to meet and eat on campus.

The Downbeat serves as an alternate venue to students for snacks and grab ‘n’ go and the opportunity to socialize. Located in the Student Center, the Downbeat is a favorite area for students to gather informally.

More information on campus dining is here.

Five Towns College Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Five Towns College Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The Five Towns College Library/LRC includes a variety of outstanding online subscription research databases, including Academic Search Complete, Business Source Elite, Business Insights: Essentials, Vault Career Insider, Communications and Mass Media Collection, Expanded Academic ASAP, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Fine Arts and Music Collection, Issues and Controversies, Music Index, and Vocations and Careers Collection. The Library also provides access to a digital collection of more than 200,000 full-text eBooks.  Additionally, Jazz Music Library and Naxos Music Library are digital music streaming services available for student use. Learn more about the library here. Further, the Library was recently renovated and has an outside patio for reading, listening to music and relaxing. Other activities are being planned for the space.