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The Who, What, When and Where

Students entering grades 10, 11 or 12 in the Fall Semester 2024 are cordially invited to submit the FTC Non-Matriculated Form for Summer High School Scholars (SHSS) to be accepted into this unique program to experience one or more college courses. Students in 10th grade will take interesting college level classes they are curious about, but do not receive college credit. Students in 11th and 12th grade can earn up to six (6) college credits. Please read below to see what students need to do to be considered for this program.

The Summer High School Scholars (SHSS) is an initiative that provides reduced cost and incentives to most students accepted into the program by the College as long as their Non-Matriculated Form for SHSS is submitted early. The incentive is explained more below. The Non-Matriculated Form is available HERE for Summer High School Scholars to submit.

Not only do students get an insider’s view into college life but they learn valuable skills and insights in such fields as Audio, Music, Digital Arts and Multi-Media, and the Performing Arts. Students in 11th and 12th grade earn college credits. The classes offered are college level courses that can be used when they apply to the College. A culminating event is scheduled for the end of the program. At that time, family and friends are invited to view student projects and performances. This event is known as The Sights and Sounds of Summer!

July 8 – August 8, 2024. The program runs from Monday through Thursday for five weeks. Individuals are encouraged to submit the Non-Matriculated Form for SHSS as early as possible to qualify for the incentive explained below.

The beautiful suburban setting of Five Towns College located in Dix Hills, NY is where all the fun and learning takes place. Our campus is conveniently located right off of the Long Island Expressway and there is ample parking. All courses take place in air-conditioned classrooms and studios.

This program has had great demand so all interested students should submit the Non-Matriculated Form for Summer High School Scholars early. Not only will you connect with other like-minded students but you will also get to explore your creative passions. This is a win-win and it’s all happening right here at Five Towns College!!

Experience college life on a beautiful suburban campus right here on Long Island . . . Make Five Towns College Your College!

Application Information

For 2024, the tuition for the Summer High School Scholars Program will be $165/credit or $495/3-credit course.

Apply by March 15 and Receive A Complimentary Course!

Students pay for their chosen course with the most credits first. If they have submitted the Non-Matriculated Form for SHSS prior to March 15, they will receive their second course of the same or less credits complimentary. 

To reiterate, for those who submit by March 15, 2024, they will pay for their 3-credit course at the reduced cost of $165/credit and then, qualify for a second complimentary course of the same or less credits. After March 15, 2024, the tuition for all classes is $165/credit.

Summer scholarships may be available on a case-by-case basis depending on academic merit, talent, and/or financial need.

The following documents are required for the Summer Scholars Program:

•Non-Matriculated Form for Summer High School Scholars (SHSS)
•Letter of Recommendation from a High School Teacher or Guidance Counselor (Please request that the letter of recommendation from your High School Teacher or Guidance Counselor be on school stationary.) 

Five Towns College Code of Conduct

All students accepted into the program are required to read and abide by the provisions of the Five Towns College Code of Conduct here.

Students who submit the Non-Matriculated Form for SHSS early will be advised about their acceptance and should submit their tuition at that time or within 30 days from the date of applying. For those who submit after March 15, 2024, the reduced rate of $165/credit will be in effect.  So don’t be discouraged, just submit!

Tuition payments of $495 per 3-credit course or $165/one-credit course should be made by check payable to: Five Towns College and mailed to: Bursar Office, Five Towns College, 305 N. Service Rd., Dix Hills, NY 11746 or by credit card by calling the Business Office at (631) 656-2115. For questions, contact [email protected] or call (631) 656-2102 or (631) 784-4132.



The Summer High School Scholars Program (SHSS) is an exciting opportunity for qualified students interested in the creative and media arts to earn up to six (6) college credits. The program offers undergraduate courses in Music, Media, Business, Performing and Visual Arts, and is open to high school students entering grades 10, 11 or 12 as of the Fall 2024. Students entering the 11th and 12th grades can earn college credits.

  • This five-week program provides students with an insider’s look to college life. Courses are taught by distinguished faculty and artists who provide individualized attention and are pleased to share content area expertise In small group settings.
  • At the conclusion of the five-week program, students and family are invited to attend the culminating event, The Sights and Sounds of Summer 2024, which showcases student performances, exhibitions, and includes a luncheon.

Explore what you love, make friends, earn college credit and have fun!!!


AUD 100 Digital Music Production
(3 credits)
9:30-11:25 & 12:30-2:25

This course will provide hands-on activities for beginner and intermediate level students interested in audio recording production. Using Pro Tools industry standard software, students will make actual sound recordings. Principles of recording and mixing music will be the primary focus for students. Course content will include an introduction to microphone principles and placement, MIDI applications, and non- linear editing. During the audio recording techniques portion, students will explore phase alignment, dynamic processing, timbre enhancing EQ procedures, and Multi FX processing. Critical listening skills and hands-on-learning work in tandem to develop individual engineering styles of professional recording.


Professor John Machado is a professional audio engineer with 20 years’ experience working in the world of audio recording technology. He has served as an engineer/producer on many projects that range from independent recordings to major and Indie label recordings, and post- production for movies, television, radio, and theatre.


BUS100 Creative Business Practices (3 credits)

Have an idea for the next best thing? Through active learning, discussions, team projects, and presentations, students will challenge their creative ideas and tap into their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Over the five-week session, students will participate in various team-building, brainstorming and hands-on activities. The amazing development and presentation of business plans will formalize “the pitch” and move concepts to reality. Watch out Shark Tank… here we come!


Professor Anne Brown is a business attorney who specializes in helping many businesses improve and succeed. For over 20 years, she has presented ideas and alternatives to many diversified business practices.


MAC280: Digital Media Art: Design II (3 credits)

Students will explore the core principles and elements of design, laying a solid groundwork for artistic expression. Students gain proficiency in industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, ensuring hands-on experience with essential software. Moreover, the course addresses branding, UI/UX design and the critical aspects of copyright and design ethics, instilling a sense of responsibility in students as they navigate the creative field.

Focusing on practical competencies, this course equips students with valuable insights and capabilities that are highly relevant in today’s digital landscape. Prepare for a future in digital media art and design by enrolling in this course and accessing a well-rounded education that combines theory and practical experience.



IMA 110: 3D Animation I (3 credits)

Explore the dynamic world of 3D animation, a foundational course designed to provide students with essential skills in Modeling, Animating, Lighting and Texturing, forming the basis of their digital creative abilities.

This course introduces students to the core principles of 3D animation, helping them translate three-dimensional concepts onto a two-dimensional screen and create intricate 3D models. Through hands-on learning, students progress from mastering basic keyframe animation to advanced techniques and their application in 3D software. Additionally, students gain expertise in texture mapping, allowing them to enhance the realism of their custom 3D creations.



IMA xxx: Intro to Game Design & Development I (3 credits)
MONDAY-THURSDAY 9:30-11:25 & 12:30 AM-2:25 PM

This introductory course provides students with hands-on experience in both video game design and video game development. Throughout the course, students will engage in various in-class exercises to learn how to design and develop playable video games. By the end of the course, students will have a foundational understanding of the game development process and the skills to create basic interactive experiences.



VID121 Introduction to Filmmaking (3 credits)

Let your creativity shine and find your creative voice by making short films! Hone your filmmaking skills in this comprehensive film production course. Learn how to operate a Canon C-100 camera, handle professional lighting equipment, record field sound, and splice it all together by editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Try out the various film crew positions (director, cinematographer, gaffer, camera assistant, sound, editor, etc.) by working in small crews.

Collaborate to write, shoot, and edit films together. Through a series of short film projects, students will put the fundamentals of filmmaking into practice. Exercises will guide students to develop skills in shot composition, continuity, and montage. Practice planning an action sequence shot list, shoot and edit a dialogue scene, and compose a scene where the mise-en-scene develops a theme or effect. The College’s professional film equipment will be available for use on campus. Students are encouraged to bring one personal portable hard drive 1TB or more. Films made in the course will be showcased at the Summer Scholars culminating event.


Professor Dan Galiardi is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild. His film credits include Batman Forever, Independence Day, Jungle 2 Jungle, and Law and Order. He is experienced with various cameras including Panavision, Arriflex, and Aaton.


VID214 Making the Horror Film (3 credits)

Do you love to sit on the edge of your seat? Have you ever wondered how the storytelling of the Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things or Ari Aster’s Hereditary or Jordan Peele’s Get Out can get inside your head and heart and make you hold your breath?

Learn the psychological techniques that the old Universal monster movies used to make people jump. Discover the cinematic wizardry of special effects that have enhanced movies from Alien to Pan’s Labyrinth. Investigate how the indie filmmakers behind Halloween, The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity were able to terrify audiences on a shoestring budget with great sound design and haunting music…

And then do it yourself! By the time you are finished with this course, you and a crew of fellow horror enthusiasts will have a complete short horror film to showcase at the Summer Scholars culminating event.



VID145 Digital Photography (3 credits)

Learn how to make creative still photographs in this course. Craft compelling images to express your artistic ideas and achieve professionally polished portraits. Learn how to imaginatively fit the 3-dimensional world into 2-dimensional imagery within the established parameters of the frame for still and motion picture cameras. Students will learn basic camera skills including exposure control, composition, depth of field, and movement control. Explore and experiment with a wide range of photographic editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop. This course is comprised of both classroom and field location work featuring demonstrations, shooting, and editing.

Special emphasis is placed on creating photographs that have a narrative and visual story to support the directing and cinematography skills needed for filmmaking. Students will learn about the latest trends in cameras (mirrorless vs DSLR) and which lenses are best to use for portraits, lighting, nature, sports, and experimental imagery. Students can bring their own 35mm DSLR camera and tripod or can borrow one from the College to shoot their photographic assignments. Students are encouraged to bring one personal USB drive of 16GB or more. Photographs made in the course will be showcased at the Summer Scholars culminating event.


Professor Robert DiGiacomo is  a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and has over 30 years of professional experience in both photography and cinematography.  His film credits include Shine A Light (featuring The Rolling Stones) directed by Martin Scorsese, and filmed by three-time Academy Award winner Robert Richardson, ASC; Big Fish filmed by Oscar winner, Phillipe Rousselot, and Directed by Tim Burton. Additionally, he has worked on over 600 television commercial productions, documentaries, and a variety of music videos with: Diddy, Bon Jovi, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Carole King, U2, and Britney Spears (featuring Madonna).


ENG204 – Scriptwriting (3 credits)

Students will learn the craft and art of narrative storytelling, world-building, character portrayal, dialogue, and scene construction for stage and screen. In addition to learning basic script formats, terminology, and techniques, students will demonstrate the ability to create conflict and drama in storytelling, structure story through plot and character development, and think critically about others’ audiovisual works, including some of the most popular movies, plays, and television shows of all time.



MAC 101 Radio, TV, & Broadcasting (3 credits)

If you like watching compelling videos and listening to podcasts, you’ll love creating them. Our broadcasting class includes sessions in our state-of-the-art TV and radio studios, video editing, and shooting with professional-level cameras. Discover how different types of media are made and distributed, from tv shows, to movies, social media, music and more.

This class may require an off-campus class at the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue, which would replace an on-campus meeting.



JRN 210 Feature & Magazine Writing (3 credits)

Want to get published this year? Learn how to create professional content with our magazine and feature writing class. You’ll explore writing for print and digital platforms in multiple genres, including editorials, researched articles and personal essays. You’ll also learn everything you need to pitch and publish your work.



SPE 231 Introduction to Public Speaking (3 credits)

This course explores the study and practice of public speaking. The improvement of students’ skills as public speakers, audience members, and critics of public communication are the major goals of the course. Emphasis is placed on the informative speech, the persuasive speech, and the speech for special occasions.

Effective communication is the key to success! Explore this fun and engaging course to help develop valuable and creative skills to enhance your speaking in a public setting.




 Professor Ron Staniec has been teaching Communication since 2011. Professor Staniec began his scholastic journey at George Mason University in Virginia. On scholarship, he was a member of Mason’s Speech & Debate team, otherwise known as the American Forensics Association. In his four years of competition, he collected a total number 121 awards – at both State and National levels. He graduated with a B.A. in Communication.

Professor Staniec returned to Long Island to help coach the Speech & Debate team at Suffolk County Community College. It was during his tenure as coach at Suffolk where he discovered his ambition to teach Communication. Professor Staniec pursued his enthusiasm and went on to graduate with a M.A. in Speech Communication & Rhetorical Studies.


ENG 115 Creative Non-fiction Writing (3 credits)

Are you interested in writing creatively? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Creative nonfiction is a type of writing that tells true stories in a creative way. In this class we will explore the genre, focusing on storytelling techniques such as inciting moment, rising action, climax and falling action; The class will use the methodology to write memoirs, college essays and profile pieces.


Professor Sandra Mardenfeld is a freelance writer, editor, social media strategist, marketing consultant and educator based in Long Island, New York. She has worked as the managing editor for several national magazines, as the Broadway editor of Playbill and as an editor/writer on many websites. Her travel book, New York Day Trips, was published in June 2020. She obtained her Ph.D. in Communication and Information and Library Science, specializing in media studies, at Rutgers University. Her dissertation looked at reporter’s privilege through the perspective of the public and the practitioner using focus groups, interviews and published editorials


PSY101 General Psychology (3 credits)

Are you interested in studying the human mind and how it affects behavior? Does learning where our thoughts and memories come from or what emotions are sound intriguing? The human brain is a fascinating organ that plays a vital role in our everyday lives, and you can discover more about it in PSYl O1. Study how personalities, attitudes, and intelligence develop within our social system, as well as other topics, including learning, memory, perception, motivation, and therapy.


ENS342 Jazz Ensemble (1 credit)

Jazz Ensemble is a performance focused course, providing an opportunity for high school musicians to gain experience and advance their skills in a small group jazz ensemble setting. Participants will have the chance to learn and play alongside esteemed faculty as well as experienced college students, while receiving college credit and expert coaching. Each student will be placed in a combo group, based on experience level. These small groups will allow for adherence to health protocols.

The groups will be coached every step of the way by faculty and guest artists. Each ensemble will play a set of music at the Summer Scholars final event.



ENS326 Choir (1 credit)

This is a performance-focused course that provides an opportunity for high school musicians to gain experience and further their skills in advanced choral repertoire that requires a high level of musicianship, outstanding reading skills, and dedication to the choral art. Students who join this ensemble should expect a wide range of repertoire requiring vocal independence and strong musicianship. Focuses will be on balance, blend, and musical integrity as well as understanding the importance of working as a unified ensemble.



ENS378 Symphonic Orchestra (1 credit)

Symphonic Orchestra is a performance-focused course that provides an opportunity for high school musicians to gain experience and advance their skills on a platform designed to develop mastery of orchestral performance skills and techniques on the instrument, as well as effective ensemble listening and collaborative skills. This ensemble provides exposure to a wide range of symphonic repertory with opportunities for creative collaborations, such as the premiering of compositions and the invitation of guest conductors and soloists. The ensemble will play at the summer scholar’s final event.



THR 121 Acting I (3 credits)

Acting 1 provides students with the basic requirements for acting on stage, screen, and television. Students learn the techniques of acting as put forth by Stanislavsky and the American Method taught by Strasberg, Adler, and Meisner.

Students learn how to behave truthfully in imaginary circumstances, understand how to interpret a play or film script, and how to present the character truthfully and creatively.

Exercises include the Meisner Repetition Exercise, playing actions and objectives, and the requirements of relation to a partner.

The course will end in a public production of a designated play or excerpts from a play.



THR 207 Musical Theatre 2 (3 credits)

Musical Theatre 2 is an extension of Musical Theatre 1; however, students are not required to have taken Musical Theatre l in order to register for this class.

Students will learn the triple threat of acting-singing-dancing for musicals on or off Broadway. The class is divided into singing sections and dancing sections; every other day students will learn ensemble and solo songs, vocal technique, and acting thru song; and the next day students will learn the fundamentals of dance technique using ballet, jazz, tap, theatrical, hip-hop, and contemporary dance.

The course will end in a public performance of various musicals from the Broadway repertoire that combine acting, singing, and dancing.

For both courses, the faculty at Five Towns college have trained students to succeed on Broadway, film, and television. We have alumni who have appeared in Hamilton, Lion King, Harry Potter, and other Broadway, Regional, and Off-Broadway musical productions. Come prepared to dance, sing, and act with professional choreographers, singing instructors, and acting teachers who have professional experience. Fun courses where you will learn the tools needed to be a success in show business!


Summer Scholars Special Events

The Five Towns College Office of Campus Events sponsors regularly scheduled co-curricular events and activities beyond the daily classroom schedule of the Summer Scholars program. These activities are open to all students participating in the Summer Scholars program and are hosted at no additional charge. We provide students with a wide array of types of activities:

  • Social events designed to help students develop connections with their peers such as icebreaker activities, board games and video games, ice cream socials, and arts & crafts.
  • Academic Enrichment events that further explore topics/areas that are studied in the classes offered through the program, such as guest lectures, guided studio/lab time, and opportunities to plan and radio or broadcast through our Mass Communication studio spaces.
  • Professional Development events that present students with topics focused on applying their classroom skills towards future job and career aspirations such as professional headshots, resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, and job research skills.

Students will be presented with a calendar of activities when they arrive for the first day of the program. Activities will be held during the break between morning and afternoon class sessions and/or after the conclusion of the afternoon class session.

Share your work with parents and friends!

Five Towns College hosts the Sights and Sounds of Summer, an event at the end of the program, filled with music and theatre performances, art exhibits, and film screenings that showcases students’ creative work. Summer High School Scholars and Five Towns College students’ work will be presented and exhibited. The event takes place on campus and all friends and family members are invited to attend. This is a fantastic day and always a hit!

  • APPLICATION PROCESS – Complete the online application with parent/guardian approval. If you are unable to submit it online, print the application and send it to Five Towns College High School Summer Scholars Program, 305 N. Service Rd., Dix Hills, New York, 11746.
  • COLLEGE CREDIT COURSES FOR FALL 2024 11th and 12th GRADERS ONLY – Select up to 6 credits of college courses.
  • DEADLINES – The application can be submitted at any time. If submitted by March 15, students can receive a complimentary course upon the selection of their first paid course.
  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION IS REQUIRED – A letter or email from a Guidance Counselor or classroom teacher recommending you for the program is required within 30 days of applying.
  • PHOTO ID – All students must submit a headshot to [email protected] before classes begin. This photo will be used to create the Student ID card which is to be carried at all times.
  • PAYMENT – Go to our website and complete the Summer Scholars application and select the course(s) you are interested in taking. Payment is due within 30 days upon applying for the course. The tuition is $165/credit or $495/3 credit course. For those who apply by March 15,2024, you pay the tuition for your first course and then you will qualify to receive a complimentary 2nd course. After March 15, all courses are subject to the tuition of $165/ credit. Payment can be made by credit card by calling the Business Office at 631-656-2115 or checks can be made payable to Five Towns College and mailed to Summer Scholars, Admissions Office, Five Towns College, 305 North Service Road, Dix Hills, New York, 11746.
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – The student is responsible for providing their own musical instrument.
  • TEXTBOOKS AND SUPPLIES – The student is responsible for acquiring textbook and supplies for each course prior to the start of class.
  • LIBRARY SERVICES – Library hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m-4:30 p.m.
  • TRANSPORTATION – You are responsible for your own transportation to the College. The Suffolk County Bus S-23 comes on campus, leaving from the Babylon LIRR Train Station, Wyandanch LIRR Train Station, and the Walt Whitman Mall.
  • LUNCH- Food is available on campus by placing money on the FTC Student ID card.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Contact Admissions at 631-656-2110 or 631-656-2102.

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