Master of Music (M.M.) Degrees


There are several distinct graduate programs in Music. The opportunity to advance your study and research in the field of music and earn a Master of Music Degree (M.M.) is a worthwhile and enriching experience. Learn more about the Master degree programs below.

The program is designed to meet the needs of professional musicians, audio recording engineers, music business executives, multimedia specialists, and active professionals working in the music industry, music education, or a music related field.

Courses of study are flexible and designed to complement past experience and assist you in reaching current and future goals. Each semester, you will meet with the Graduate Advisor to plan your academic program. You will have the opportunity to perform with an ensemble during each semester of study.

Students in the M.M. in Composition, Music History or Performance, must satisfactorily complete at least 30 credits of approved graduate courses with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Twenty-four of these credits must be completed in residence in order to be eligible for the Master’s degree. A research project is required to be completed by Music History students. Performance and Composition students must present public recitals.

The Master of Music Degree can be completed in two semesters of full-time study or longer on a part-time basis. Graduate courses are scheduled for the late afternoon or early evening for the convenience of working students. We hope that you’ll explore more and contact Admissions at (631) 656-2110. To learn about the Audition Requirements for the M.M. program, click here.

Commercial music degree performers play at FTC.