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Five Towns College welcomes parents and families to be involved in their children’s college experience. While some students live on campus and others commute, there are several times during the academic year when parents and families can attend various campus events.

For instance, the Theatre Arts Division regularly performs shows and musical productions. The Music Division hosts concerts and guest performances. The Business, Film/Video and Liberal Arts Divisions present interesting and esteemed speaker series on many varied topics related to the College’s mission.

New for the Fall 2019, the Sound Athletic’s programs launches its Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams and Women’s Volleyball team. This adds to the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams that are now in the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (HVIAC) and offers student athletes not only a sound education but a Sound Athletic program that will be exciting, competitive and expand the scope of extracurricular offerings on campus. The upcoming Sound Athletic program schedule will be found here:

In addition, parents and families are encouraged to browse the College’s website at to learn about the College, explore academic and student life calendars, review the Student and Residence Life Handbooks, read more about financial aid, and discover other information that will be helpful during the next years here.

Further, there are links to important federal and state laws and regulations that parents and families need to be aware of and they are posted here: Be sure to read about NYS Education law, Article 129-B, Enough is Enough on the college site.

FTC Campus Events Video

Visiting and Touring

02_visiting_touringA campus tour is key to making a college decision. Whether students and their families live nearby or travel from afar, there is much to discover on campus that just can’t be portrayed in the virtual world. And, so, Five Towns College encourages students to schedule a campus tour through the Admissions office. There is nothing like walking through the campus, visiting the Upbeat Cafeteria, the Performing Arts Center, the Film/Video Studios, Audio Labs, Music and Piano Labs, the new WFTU Radio Station and Broadcasting sets, Library, Downbeat Café, the Sound Gymnasium and the Residence Life Halls to really get a glimpse into what college life is like here in Dix Hills, Long Island.

Also, Open Houses are scheduled throughout the year, and potential students and their families will experience a warm and welcoming time, meet current students, learn about academic programs and usually have lunch or dinner with College faculty and staff. Five Towns College Admissions staff and Financial Aid leaders are available to answer questions and provide valuable information to help students assess their options while they may consider attending college here.

02_balloonsThings to do Near Campus

For those who are traveling far and/or want to stay overnight nearby when visiting campus, there are several options. A trip to Suffolk County, Long Island offers many cultural, leisure and educational options.Please click below to explore some of the local attractions that may be of interest:

Also, nearby hotels include:

Huntington Hilton:

Melville Marriott:

Frequently Asked Questions


What activities are available to my student on weekends?

Depending on the time of year, there are several on-campus activities sponsored by the Five Towns College Student Government Association (SGA) as well as other Student Activities and sometimes, off-campus events as well. Most of the student activities are posted to the Institutional Events Calendar on the website’s homepage and/or are included on the Student Clubs Calendar posted online, too. In addition, there are College Sound Basketball games, academic division meetings, shows or concerts. The fall semester usually brings Octoberfest or Fall Fest, student productions and concerts, theatre events and ongoing activities on campus.

Video: Student Clubs & Activities

Where may parents park when visiting their student on campus?

There is ample parking available on campus. Visitors will need to obtain a Visitor’s Pass to gain entry into the main building and should have identification for this purpose.


Where can my child get medical attention if needed?

The College has identified the three closest Stat Health Services to provide medical care to students. The FTC Public Safety Office will help arrange for transportation, if needed. The FTC Counseling Center is available for advice, assistance and recommendations as well as the Residence Life staff and personnel. Students should seek assistance as necessary without hesitation or ask any of the Public Safety Officers who are on duty 24/7.

Are services available to assist students who are concerned about their grades and being successful?

The Student Success Center is where the Academic Support Center, HEOP and Student Access Offices are located.  They provide tutoring and academic study skills development programs and assistance for all students. For more information about the Student Access Office, click here. The Counseling Center assists with stress and time management skills and offers other holistic aids to help students relax and focus. Also, private counseling is available in the Counseling Center by appointment.


Are there activities for commuter students?

Yes, of course! In addition to the ongoing activities planned by student clubs and organizations as well as the SGA, generally, there is plenty to keep commuter students busy in their spare time. Aside from engaging in collaborative activities with peers, the library and computer labs are available to keep updated academically. Further, the Upbeat Café provides snacks and meals throughout the day and is a lively hub of student engagement as well as provides a stage for student concerts and presentations.

Students can relax in the Downbeat where there is a game room with ping-pong and billiard tables, television lounge or practice their instruments. They can work out in the small fitness room or gymnasium and they can meet with faculty or friends on campus. There is a student commuter club as well where new ideas and suggestions can be made.

Video: “In the Heights” Teaser

What happens in the event of campus closings, late openings and/or class cancellations due to inclement weather or emergencies?

The FTC website posts emergency notices. Also, students should register their cell numbers for MIR3 emergency notices via text. Also, closings are published through local media such as News 12.


Under Article 129-B, Section 6447(5) and (6):

Five Towns College will also share information on sexual and interpersonal violence with parents of students. This is accomplished in several ways.  One way is by providing information directly to parents, either by mail or to parents attending programming on occasion. Another method that is used is that Five Towns College posts information on a webpage directed specifically at parents, that can be found on the institution’s website.

In compliance with section 6447, Five Towns College offers to all students general and specific training in domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault prevention and conducts a campaign that complies with the Violence Against Women Act, 20 U.S.C. 1092(f), to educate the student population. The College, as appropriate, provides or expands specific training to include groups such as international students, students that are also employees, leaders and officers of registered or recognized student organizations, and online and distance education students. The College also provides specific training to members of groups that the institution identifies as high-risk populations.

Further, Five Towns College requires that each student leader and officer of student organizations recognized by or registered with the institution, as well as those seeking recognition by the institution, complete training on domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault prevention prior to receiving recognition or registration, and requires that each student athlete complete training on domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault prevention prior to participating in intercollegiate athletic competition. This training is offered in addition to the training offered as onboarding to incoming students.

Overall, the institution endeavors to create a vibrant, safe and enthusiastic learning and working environment for all. We welcome all new and returning students and their parents and families!!