Music Education, M.M.

Master’s Degree in Music Education

Music Education


Earn a Master’s degree in Music Education by completing 36 credits in approved graduate courses and conducting a research project. This program is designed for individuals with Provisional/Initial Certification. With a M.M in Music Education, graduates attain Professional Certification to teach grades K-12.

The program requires 24 credits to be completed in residence. Advance your study and research in Music Education and earn a Master’s of Music (M.M.). To graduate, complete all program requirements within five years of the enrollment start date.

Instructor helps student in the master’s degree program

M.M. Music Education Curriculum

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Master’s in Music Education Academic Standards

To apply to the Music Education Master’s degree program, students need:

  • Provisional/Initial certification
  • Significant musical skills, as demonstrated by audition
  • A commitment to the advancement of his/her personal and professional accomplishments

To be admitted to the M.M. in Music Education program, applicants need a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Additionally, students need at least 36 credits of applied music courses with a 3.0 GPA overall.

To receive a M. M. in Music Education degree at Five Towns College, students must meet a 36-credit program requirement. In the graduate program, students complete 18 credits of music education courses, 12 credits of music core courses, and six elective