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NYS Education Law, Article 129-B

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed New York State “Enough is Enough” 
Legislation in July 2015. Accordingly, Five Towns College adopts and fully incorporates the provisions of the New York State law, Enough is Enough. Included, in part, are provisions related to the definition of affirmative consent, amnesty policy, Students’ Bill of Rights, comprehensive training requirements, and reporting requirements to the State Education Department. Five Towns College is committed to full implementation of this important statute. For more information about the statute, visit

Further, Five Towns College institutional policies set forth the provisions of the law here:

Pursuant to Article 129-B, Section 6445(2), the intent of the statute is to assess the knowledge and awareness of the College’s constituents. This aids in the assessment of the student onboarding and ongoing education mandated under the statute and assists the institution to gauge what additional onboarding-education and training-may be necessary.

Thus, Five Towns College has sought to integrate education and training under this law since its effective date. Through new student and transfer orientations, professional development, targeted student leadership and student athletes training, and mid-year onboarding, the institution has remained vigilant and conducted ongoing educational student onboarding as well as for faculty and staff under Article 129-B, Section 6447. The comprehensive range of student onboarding and ongoing education is articulated here:

Set forth herein below are the results of the Campus Climate Assessment, Section 6445, for the 2016-17 academic year, and other important information related to the implementation of this important statute.

The Campus Climate Assessment/Survey was emailed to the College’s constituents several times in June 2017 until early July 2017. As of July 13, 2017, the results of the survey showed that of the total responses (N=86), a majority answered and indicated a general knowledge and awareness of the Enough is Enough law. Further, the responses to #7 and #8 indicated a need to improve the inquiry, as they may be unclear. Finally, 84.8% indicated an awareness and knowledge of the definition of affirmative consent. Also, positive is that 79% indicated that they were aware of campus policies and procedures addressing sexual assault and were aware of how and where to report domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault as a victim, survivor or witness.

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