Mass Communication

Mass Communication Program

Bachelor’s Degree


The mass communication program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.), and is designed for students interested in a career in broadcasting and journalism. The degree program focuses on the new emerging technologies, such as multi-media communication platforms used to distribute information, and is designed to improve verbal, written and critical thinking skills.

Students pursuing the mass communication degree program learn from professors with experience in mass media fields through hands-on involvement with the College radio station, WFTU, or by writing for either the college yearbook or The Record, the institution’s newspaper. Selected practicums and internships provide mass communication students with professional training and real-life experience necessary to pursue a career in this rapidly growing new media industry.


Broadcasting Concentration

The broadcasting concentration is designed to build upon the mass communication degree by adding specialized proficiencies that focus on broadcasting journalism as a career. It is geared towards students who are interested in being on-air personalities, either in radio or television. Professionals in the industry share their knowledge as guest speakers, while field trips to commercial stations are exciting and anticipated activities for students going to school for radio broadcasting.

Being a professional broadcaster is not just a job; it is an art form. With the right tools and proper guidance, you will learn the ins and outs of the craft. You will learn the significance of thorough research, meticulous reporting and masterful editing.

Five Towns College teaches these important skills and values, preparing you not just for that moment in front of the camera, but for any unforeseen challenges that may arise behind the scenes.

The Five Towns College radio station, WFTU, is a Federal Communications Commission licensed commercial radio station. WFTU is student-run with on-air personalities, news reporters, music and program directors, station managers, technicians and more. At WFTU, broadcasting students who are interested in having their own news, sports or talk shows for the radio station can use the Associated Press wires, which are used in most radio and TV stations.

Located on the college campus, WFTU’s main broadcast studio is a convenient way for students to gain hands-on broadcasting experience and contribute to student life on campus. Broadcast journalism students play an important role in the live transmission of concerts, theatrical presentations and special events at Five Towns College. Audiences can hear students on the radio at 1570AM and streaming online. Explore the WFTU student radio show schedule for a weekly list of on-air broadcasts.

Five Towns College TV broadcasting students reporting live news

Journalism Concentration

The journalism concentration is designed to build upon the mass communications degree by adding specialized proficiencies that focus on journalism as a career. It is designed for students interested in becoming professional writers for newspapers, radio, television and other media-based organizations.

A journalism concentration offers an exciting opportunity for aspiring media professionals to improve writing skills while also gaining invaluable reporting tools. Five Towns College recognizes that journalism is so much more than just a profession. It demands adherence to the truth and a relentless dedication to accuracy.

The Five Towns College newspaper, The Record, is issued periodically and features student-written articles about entertainment, news and campus events and activities. Journalism students are expected to contribute articles for the newspaper as part of their writing experience.

In addition, the College yearbook is produced by interested students with the cooperation of a faculty advisor and serves as a vehicle for the literary, artistic and photographic talents of all students.