Graduate Music Studies Incentive for Five Towns College Students Graduating With Bachelor of Music Degrees (Mus.B.)


As an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), the College is proud to share information about the Graduate Music Studies Incentive (GMSI)-an opportunity only available to Five Towns College graduating seniors who have earned a Bachelor of Music degree (Mus.B.). The GMSI is a relatively new initiative that our graduates have opted into recently and enjoy. Note: For students graduating with undergraduate degrees in music from other colleges that do not have graduate music programs, please click here.


  • The College will offer a Graduate Music Studies Incentive (GMSI) to those graduates who choose to continue their studies during the 2022-23 Academic Year in a Master of Music (M.M.) degree program.
  • A grant in the amount of $19,000 per year, or $9,500 per semester means the tuition is $2,950 per semester or $5,900 for the year.  Without the GMSI, tuition would be $24,900 for the academic year. Additional fees apply.
  • Please be advised that this GMSI will take effect for the Fall 2022 semester.

Programs Offered:

The Music Division offers five Master of Music (M.M.) degrees. They are:

1. M.M. Composition

2. M.M. Music Education

3. M.M. Music History

4. M.M. Music Technology

5. M.M. Performance

Please note: To be admitted to the M.M. in Music Education program, applicants need a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Additionally, students need at least 36 credits of applied music courses with a 3.0 GPA overall.


To participate in the GMSI program, you must:

  • Meet all of the requirements set forth herein; and
  • Begin your studies by the Fall 2022 semester; and
  • Maintain full-time status during both the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters.

Additional academic requirements are set forth in the Five Towns College Catalog.

Through the GMSI program, the College seeks to engender graduate study without increasing student debt levels.  Thus, if you choose to participate in this program, please note that student loans will not be available to cover your balance.

This is limited opportunity, only provided to current graduates of the College who seek to begin their studies immediately after graduation.  Given the current economic circumstances, now might be the perfect opportunity for you to consider this initiative. We hope you will!

Enroll Me in the Graduate Music Studies Incentive! 

  • I am graduating Five Towns College with a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Mus. B) and want to enroll in the Graduate Music Studies Incentive (GMSI) program for the AY 2022-23. I have read the above details about the GMSI program and understand that I will receive a grant that reduces the tuition from $24,900/year to $5,900/year and agree to pay that. To participate, by signing below, I agree, acknowledge and confirm to abide by all of the program details set forth herein and will begin my studies in the Fall 2022 and maintain full-time status during both the Fall 2022 and Fall 2023 semesters.