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Audio Recording Technology is a concentration of the Business Management, Mass Communication and Music Performance programs at Five Towns College. This means a student can earn either a B.B.A., B.S. or Mus.B. with an Audio Recording Technology concentration. That’s exciting for those who love audio! This concentration promotes a practical, hands-on style of learning that very few music producing colleges can match. Audio recording technology professors are devoted, knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about elevating students to the next level. Most importantly, they are completely committed to their craft.

Combining industry standard analog and digital equipment with an exciting classroom environment, these instructors have developed a truly unique philosophy centered on molding students into future leaders in this field—while staying true to the audio recording skills that allowed them to excel for so many years.

New at Five Towns College is the launch of the Graduate Studies option leading to the Master’s in Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Sound Recording Technology! This is for audio recording technologists who have completed their undergraduate studies at Five Towns College with a concentration in audio recording technology and for other industry professionals who would benefit from this esteemed credential. Learn more about the M.P.S. in Sound Recording Technology here. 

A Key Location for Music Production

Five Towns College’s  proximity to New York City—the Media Capital of the World—offers students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the audio recording technology industry by seeking out internships with some of the best entertainment companies in the world.

But before embarking on professional life, students learn important lessons that will set them on the path to successful careers as engineers and producers in many different fields of audio and recording technology.

Practical, Hands-On Audio Recording Education

Early on, the concentration’s unrivaled staff provides expert lessons about the industry. But, more importantly, students get a practical, hands-on-experience that only Five Towns College can offer. The Audio Recording Technology program is designed to instill in students the tools they need to succeed in recording, engineering procedures, music production techniques and audio/video post-production, all the while training in four cutting-edge recording studios.

Recording engineering technology at Five Towns College

Professional Recording Studios

Studio A, a professional audio recording and mixing facility, is replete with top-of-the-line equipment. Studio B is where beginner students learn multi-tracking techniques, plus signal flow and troubleshooting. And, Studio C, houses a stunning variety of outboard equipment from world-class manufacturers. It is in that studio where audio/video students can edit stereo and 5.1 multichannel recordings and soundtracks. The next studio, MIDI/Non-Linear Lab, offers individual workstations equipped with top-notch technology, such as KORG M3 Keyboards and powerful iMacs—all pre-installed with the latest versions of revolutionary software. Students can also use this space to sign out microphones and audio equipment for projects.

Real World Experience

One of the most important aspects of this concentration happens away from campus. All students are required to complete two 90-hour audio recording internships, which allow them to explore the world of audio recording technology in a way that gives them confidence in their training and offers unquantifiable experience. This opportunity, to work alongside professionals, provides the groundwork for future employment as they learn to network and build essential relationships with some of the best business minds and entertainment organizations in the country, including SONY, MTV, KORG, Universal Media Group and HBO.

Music and audio recording technology infographic