About Five Towns College

About Five Towns College

If you’re serious about music, business, education, media and the performing arts, Five Towns College can elevate your unique talents and get you where you want to be. Located in a thriving neighborhood near the Big Apple and Twin Forks of Long Island, Five Towns College offers degree programs that will hone your skills with hands-on coursework, engaged faculty of professionals and major-related work opportunities. Embark on your journey forward, realize your educational goals and pursue your creative interests.

Five Towns College is a private college in Long Island, dedicated to providing a top education to musicians, artists, movie producers, performers and a larger community of diverse creatives.

Five Towns College Offers:

Experience Five Towns College

Located in the Half Hollow Hills of Long Island, halfway from the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, our New York area college occupies an incredible position centrally located in Suffolk County. Five Towns College is only one hour from New York City, the entertainment and media capital of the world, and one hour from the esteemed East End, where celebrities and entertainers call their summer retreats in the Hamptons and the North Fork. No other private college or performing arts college offers a location like this.

Four residence halls allow students to live on campus while exploring their college years in a creative community. Five Towns College is home to an attentive staff, diverse group of talented students and a faculty of actively engaged professionals.

Five Towns College History

Inspired by the love of music and business acumen of the founders, Stanley Cohen and Lorraine Kleinman Cohen, Five Towns College was truly created by the driving passion of music educators and its legacy lives on.

Founded in 1972, Five Towns College is a private, coeducational, non-sectarian institution of higher education accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, approved and recognized by the New York State Education Department and authorized to confer bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. The New York area college offers an energizing experience that embraces creativity and passion for the arts and music.

During the last four decades, the College has amassed an unprecedented roster of accomplished educators who are unwavering in their commitment to students’ futures. As a result, many of the College’s graduates have gone on to illustrious careers at some of the most respected companies in the music, media and film industry.

Your Education at Five Towns College

Forty years later, students at Five Towns College attend a higher education institution that respects their passion, diversity, uniqueness and motivation to pursue their talents, develop complementary skills and explore the entertainment industry to its fullest. While academic success is the college’s priority, opportunities permit students to develop expertise in the areas of music, business, education, media, and the performing arts.

Five Towns College offers refreshing and immersive curricula that attracts a wide array of diverse and uniquely talented students who possess the desire and willingness to learn from top educators in their respective fields. From the beginning, the College’s distinguished faculty cultivates relationships with undergraduates and graduates built on mutual respect.

Make your college years extraordinary! Pursue an enriching and dynamic educational experience in a unique cultural environment where creativity is at the core of our business, education and performing arts college in the heart of Long Island.

Five Towns College is the perfect fit for you. Our residence halls fill up early.
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