How to Apply to Graduate School

The Five Towns College Admissions Office oversees the admission process for graduate programs. FTC Admissions Counselors are ready to assist you with the admissions process, your online application, and any questions you may have about applying. The Graduate Music Division offers students opportunities to study, perform and participate in ensembles, masterclasses, and more. Inquire about the Graduate Music Studies Incentive (GMSI) and the Doctoral Fellowship Performance Initiative (FPI), too.

Admission decisions are based on a comprehensive assessment of an applicant’s potential for graduate work. Please review the admissions requirements below as you prepare your documents and begin your Graduate School Application.

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To Audition for Admission to Graduate School for the Fall 2024 semester, here are the important dates:

  • Please submit all application materials by February 27 for a March 12 audition.
  • Please submit all application materials by April 12 for an April 27 interview.

Graduate and Doctoral Program Admission Requirements

  1. ­Complete the Graduate School Application here.
  2. Attach a $50 application fee (Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order, or credit card.) This fee will be waived if the application is submitted online.
  3. Send all official undergraduate and previous graduate college transcripts to the Admissions Office.
  4. Submit a Personal Statement regarding your goals, values and accomplishments.
  5. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation.
  6. Immunization records will be required upon acceptance.
  7. Applicants for a Master’s degree in Education must present proof of their NYS teaching certification.
  8. Applicants for a Master’s degree in Music are required to audition. For the Graduate Degree Audition Requirements, click here.

All applicants for admission are required to have Provisional/Initial Certification and demonstrate by audition significant musical skills and a commitment to the advancement of their personal and professional accomplishments.

The following is required for application to the program:
1. Complete and submit the Graduate Application.
2. Submit official transcripts demonstrating completion of a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with proof of initial teacher certification in New York State*. [Completion of an undergraduate major in music education with at least 36 credits of applied music courses and a 3.0 overall G.P.A. is required for admission.]
3. An audition on the candidate’s principal instrument. The audition should be of two contrasting pieces that demonstrate a level of skill.
4. An interview with at least two Music Education faculty.
5. A writing sample at the time of the interview. Topics for writing samples can be selected by the applicant from a list provided.
6. Two letters of recommendation.
*Or equivalent certification from another state, including a minimum edTPA score of 38. Out of state certification will not automatically lead to New York State Professional Certification. It is the student’s responsibility to seek reciprocity for the New York State Initial Certification

  1. Complete the Doctorate Admissions Application.
  2. Attach a $50 application fee. (Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order or credit card.)
  3. Send all official undergraduate and graduate college transcripts to the Admissions Office.
  4. Submit a Research Essay of at least 1,500 words on a musical subject of your choice. (Citations and references must be included.)
  5. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation via the Official Five Towns College Recommendation Forms (PDF).
  6. Immunization records will be required upon your acceptance.
  7. Applicants for a Doctorate in Musical Arts degree in music are required to audition on their major instrument or voice and piano. For the Doctor of Musical Arts Audition Requirements, click here.

All applicants for admission to doctoral study in Music Education must submit the following:

  1. a completed application.
  2. three letters of recommendation – letters should speak to leadership qualities and successful teaching experience over a period of no less than three years.
  3. official transcripts documenting the successful completion of an appropriate Master’s degree with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better.
  4. a CV or resume.
  5. a video recording of teaching – Submit a representative video sample of your teaching, at least 30 minutes in length. Include a brief description of the setting and your objectives for the lesson.
  6. applicants must also submit either an original essay of at least 1,500 words on topic in the field of music education, this could include a Master’s Thesis, a published journal article, or graduate Research Paper. The essay must be typed, using APA style, and supported with proper citations and references.
  7. evidence of English Fluency for those whom English is a second language- TOEFL total score of 100 or higher and a short essay on a topic of your choice at the time of the interview.

After all materials have been submitted and reviewed a Music Education faculty member will contact you to set up an interview.

Establishment of Matriculation
The Graduate Academic Standards Committee evaluates applications for matriculation based on the following criteria: (1) applicant’s grade point average from previous degree programs (2) letters of recommendation; (3) submission of written work; (4) personal interview; (5) video recording of teaching.

Non-matriculated students
Students who do not wish to enroll in a degree program are permitted to register as non-degree, non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for independent study or advisement.
It should be noted that while in certain exceptional cases credits earned as a non-matriculated student may later be applied to degree candidacy, non-matriculated status should not be viewed as a prelude or aid to the attainment of degree candidate status. In any case, no more than 12 credits of coursework earned as a non-matriculated student can be applied to the D.M.A. degree. Past or present status as a non-matriculated student is not considered during evaluation of an application for degree candidacy; the latter is considered a separate application, and different admissions criteria are applied. There can thus be no guarantee that individuals granted non-matriculated status will be accepted for degree candidacy should they apply.

The Admissions Office is located in room 505 | 631.656.2110 | [email protected]

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