Weather Alert
Five Towns College will have a delayed opening on Thursday March 22.  The College will open at 10am.

Faculty Directory

Contact a faculty member below, or request more information about FTC directly.
Audio Recording TechnologyCarlos
Audio Recording TechnologyJeeYun
Audio Recording TechnologyJohn
Audio Recording TechnologyKathryn
Audio Recording TechnologyMatthew
Business DivisionAnne
Business DivisionBruce
Business DivisionChristine
Business DivisionDavid
Business DivisionDonna
Business DivisionGracer
Business DivisionJohn
Business DivisionMark
Business DivisionMary
Business DivisionMaureen
Business DivisionMelvin
Business DivisionPetrina Di
Business DivisionSusan
Business DivisionTimothy
Education DivisionJennifer
Education DivisionJoseph Del
Education DivisionLavern
Education DivisionMadeline
Education DivisionSteven
Education DivisionSusan
Education DivisionWilliam
Film/Video DivisionAnthony
Film/Video DivisionCharles
Film/Video DivisionCharles
Film/Video DivisionDaniel
Film/Video DivisionErika
Film/Video DivisionJames
Film/Video DivisionJustin
Film/Video DivisionKenneth
Film/Video DivisionMichael
Film/Video DivisionNicole
Liberal Arts DivisionAngelina
Liberal Arts DivisionAnna
Liberal Arts DivisionCarl
Liberal Arts DivisionChristian
Liberal Arts DivisionChristine
Liberal Arts DivisionDanielle
Liberal Arts DivisionDominick
Liberal Arts DivisionGene
Liberal Arts DivisionHarold
Liberal Arts DivisionJacqueline
Liberal Arts DivisionJohn
Liberal Arts DivisionJohn
Liberal Arts DivisionJoseph
Liberal Arts DivisionKelly
Liberal Arts DivisionKenneth
Liberal Arts DivisionKimberly
Liberal Arts DivisionKristin
Liberal Arts DivisionKrysti
Liberal Arts DivisionLaura
Liberal Arts DivisionLinda
Liberal Arts DivisionLindsay
Liberal Arts DivisionMalisa
Liberal Arts DivisionMaria
Liberal Arts DivisionMary
Liberal Arts DivisionMichael
Liberal Arts DivisionRonnie
Liberal Arts DivisionTina
Mass Communincations DivisionDanielle
Mass Communincations DivisionDaoning
Mass Communincations DivisionHolli
Mass Communincations DivisionThomas
Music DivisionAndrea
Music DivisionAudra
Music DivisionBryan
Music DivisionDavid
Music DivisionDean
Music DivisionDzhuneyt
Music DivisionGerry
Music DivisionJebediah
Music DivisionJeffrey
Music DivisionJill
Music DivisionJohn
Music DivisionJonathan
Music DivisionKelly
Music DivisionKenneth
Music DivisionKenneth
Music DivisionKristi
Music DivisionLaura
Music DivisionMarc
Music DivisionMasatora
Music DivisionMatthew
Music DivisionMichelle
Music DivisionPeter
Music DivisionPeter
Music DivisionPeter
Music DivisionRonald
Music DivisionScott
Music DivisionStephen
Music DivisionStephen
Music DivisionTony
Theater Arts DivisionDavid
Theater Arts DivisionKelli
Theater Arts DivisionMarie
Theater Arts DivisionMichael
Theater Arts DivisionMichael
Theater Arts DivisionMilton
Theater Arts DivisionSherry
Theater Arts DivisionTimothy
Theater Arts DivisionToniAnne