The College’s overarching institutional goals are best expressed by the newly adopted Mission Statement:

Five Towns College is a creative learning community that develops in students the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to pursue careers in the performing arts, media and communications, business and industry, and the teaching professions.  Through programs that combine general education and content specialty areas, the undergraduate and graduate curricula integrate rigorous academic inquiry, industry standard technologies and facilities, experiential learning, and respect for diversity and ethical values.  In so doing, the College helps each student to expand their unique talents to the fullest, while also preparing graduates to contribute to the advancement of society.

Goals Statements

  • To develop in undergraduate students college-level proficiencies in general education.
  • To develop in undergraduate students content expertise within the context of specific career objectives.
  • To strengthen graduate students’ professional-level proficiencies in content-specific areas.
  • To engage in strategic planning activities that nurture a culture dedicated to institutional and student learning assessment, and leads to clearly articulated student achievement outcomes.

Adopted April 27, 2017 by the Five Towns College Board of Trustees effective July 1, 2017