Five Towns College Library and Learning Resource Center

Five Towns College is proud to have an established and voluminous library and learning resource center appropriate for its student body which supports its institutional mission. The FTC Library and Learning Resource Center support the College’s mission and academic programs, and enhances learning, instruction, and research at the College, by providing the personnel, facilities, materials, and services to meet the informational needs of the College community, whether those needs occur on campus, off campus, or online. Accordingly, the FTC Library and Learning Resource Center provide a collection of print and digital resources that support rigorous undergraduate and graduate academic inquiry in the performing arts, media and communications, business and industry, and the teaching professions, as well as in general education. The Five Towns College Library is located in the Main Building and is a comfortable studying area for our community.

The College Library and Learning Resource Center offer both print and digital resources. This includes a large collection of media to support the curricula. In addition to hardcopies of texts and other research aids, students can check out music and films. Textbooks, items on teacher reserve, and reference materials can also be used in the main library. Electronic research databases for all major degree areas and a full-text 200,000 + volume digital library allow students to conduct research remotely, from any location where Internet access is available. The digital library and all of the research databases are available through Canvas, the College’s Learning Management System.

Here are Instructions for how to access these databases:

Digital Resources for Remote Access

  • All resources on this list, along with their login information, can be found in the Canvas Course called Library Resources. When you are on campus, you are always logged in to these databases. If you are off campus, you will need to log in. Please do not use your Five Towns College login information, as it will not provide access for these databases.
    • Log in to Canvas
    • On the right menu, select Courses
    • Select Library Resources
  • Now there should be four folders on the screen
    • Select the folder for Library Catalog if you want to see what we have in our physical library
    • Select the folder called Digital Library (eBooks) if you are looking for full-text eBooks
    • Select the folder called Research Databases if you are looking for digitized articles from periodicals
    • Select the folder called Streaming Music Database if you are looking for music for projects or entertainment


Eos Library

The library’s online catalog, Eos, is also available anywhere, anytime, so students can check for availability. Resources that aren’t owned by the Library may be obtained either through inter-library loan or by submitting an acquisition request to one of the librarians, so we encourage you to tell us what you need in order to succeed. Through the Five Towns College Library, students can get help finding and citing information, printing out their research papers, keeping up with professional trends via periodical publications, obtaining sheet music or a monologue for an audition, or just checking out a good book to read or film to watch. A great way to spend time and have a productive and successful semester awaits.

Students studying at the Five Towns College Library

Female student carrying books at the Five Towns College library

Other Library Services

Computer Services: The Five Towns College Library provides PC computers for student use. All computers are equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite.

Listening and Viewing Stations: There are listening stations equipped to play vinyl, CD, and audio cassette formats. DVDs can be played on the Library’s computers. Students must request headphones for viewing or listening to media.

Scanning and Printing Services: Students are encouraged to use the scanner to digitize their artifacts, but should be aware of copyright laws in regards to the use and reproduction of copyrighted information. Printing is a free service in the Library, but it is expected that students limit their printing to that which is needed to achieve their educational goals.

Important Documents