Tuition and Fees

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Determine your potential cost of college using the tuition and fees chart below, and then factor in any grants, loans, or scholarships, as well as work study and other items that may affect your personal costs.

The cost of Five Towns College varies by individual and should be evaluated separately by each student. Using a college cost calculator can help students better understand their financial options.

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The Bursar’s Office is located in room 316.


College Tuition and Fees

Determine your cost of college by referencing the tuition and fees charts below.

You can also contact the Bursar’s office with any questions at 631.656.2115, or via email at

Click here to view the complete list of the 2020/2021 Fall & Spring Fee Schedule.

Click here to view the complete list of the 2021/2022 Fall & Spring Fee Schedule.

Enrollment Status: 2021-22Tuition and Fees
Undergrad: Full-Time$12,450 per semester
Undergrad: Part-Time$1,140/credit
Grad: Masters Full-Time$12,450 per semester
Grad: Masters Part-Time$1,140/credit
Grad: Doctoral$1,140/credit
College Fees: 2021-22Amount
12+ credits$170
7-11 credits$140
4-6 credits$75
1-3 credits$45
RESIDENT LIFE: 2021-22Amount
Single Room (per semester)$5,200
Double Room (per semester)$3,975
Mandatory Resident Life Meal Plan$2,500
Refundable Dorm Damage$300
Late Housing Application Fee$50
Dorm Council$65
Laundry Allowance$25
Other Fees: 2021-22Amount
Tuition Deposit (applied toward tuition)$200
New Student Orientation Fee$115
Student Activity Fee$65
Mandatory Meal Allowance$100
Degree Audit Fee$75
ID Card Replacement$25
Late Registration (More than 5 days late, but less than 15 days late)$30
Late Registration (More than 15 days late, but during the current semester)$60
Late Registration (Registered after the close of the current term)$100
Official Transcript (Per Transcript)$10

The Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office maintains accurate and well-documented records of all accounts receivable and payable to the Five Towns College. It provides information and guidance to students especially on the charges related to their college tuition, fees and room and board.

Individual course fees may apply. Please refer to the college catalog.