Students perform in a studio to learn more about music business careers

A business management degree focuses on developing skills to support business professionals in management or leadership positions. To specifically focus on the music and entertainment industry, a business management degree with a concentration in music and entertainment industry studies gives you the skills you need to pursue a variety of music and entertainment business careers.

Learn more about music career paths available with a bachelor’s degree in business management with a concentration in music business or management.

Common Music and Entertainment Business Careers

A music and entertainment studies concentration gives you the necessary business expertise to excel in the music and entertainment industry. As a student pursuing a music and entertainment business degree, you study the legal, production, music business management, marketing and merchandising aspects of this field.

  • Business Manager. Handles all financial and royalty responsibilities for signed artists.
  • Distributor. Distributes musical product, such as CDs, DVDs, etc., to record stores, labels, and retail chains.
  • Music Licensing. Copyrights and approval of usage of musical products to other mediums.
  • Helps provide guidance to an artist during the recording process in a studio atmosphere.
  • Production Department. Assist in all technical aspects of creating an album.
  • Owner-Independent Record Label. Start up and run your own independent record label where you find and book the talent you want, work with your favorite venues, and make all your own decisions.
  • Venue Manager / Owner. Manages and or owns a concert venue where shows and events are held.

Common Music and Entertainment Management Careers

A music and entertainment management concentration helps you learn to problem solve and work effectively with others in the music and entertainment business environment.

  • A & R Representative (Artist & Repertoire). Work for record labels to seek out new talent to sign.
  • Artist Manager. Manage the career and best interests of a band or artist.
  • Booking Agent. Finds work and books shows and tours for bands or artists.
  • Promotions Director. Runs the promotions dept. that gets the word out about an artist, event, or new product.
  • Music Marketing. Marketing and promoting an artist, tours, and musical product for talent often signed to a particular label.
  • Music Merchandising. Create accompanying products that deal with a particular artist or performer, such as t-shirts or posters, for mass production.
  • Authorizing various uses of songs through the use of various licenses.
  • Works directly with an artist to arrange public appearances, photo shoots, and side work to aids in promotion.
  • Tour Manager. Manages a band or artist while on tour as well as handles all equipment load in & out for each show.

Get the skills and training you need to pursue in a variety music career paths with a bachelor’s degree in business management with a concentration in music and entertainment industry studies. Learn more about getting a bachelor’s degree in business management from Five Towns College.