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Creative students thrive in a small, congenial college environment while studying audio recording technology, business, film/video, interactive computer graphics, music performance, music teacher education, mass communication, theatre arts and more. Learn from excellent faculty and immerse yourself in a creative campus that will stimulate you to be your best!

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Application for admission is on a rolling basis. However, to streamline the college application process, it is recommended that you submit your application early and no later than mid-March for entrance in the fall semester and by mid-October for the spring semester. Five Towns College also offers an Early Action application process. The Early Action application process is a way to receive an admissions decision early after you submit your application and required materials. If accepted, you will be given a one-time incentive grant as well. Please read more about the Early Action college application process below.

Early Action College Application Process

The Early Action college application process is an option for well-qualified students who want to attend Five Towns College  but do not want a binding agreement. Early Action is a way to minimize the stress some have while waiting for the College’s decision for your acceptance.

By applying for Fall 2021 and submitting all of the required documents by December 31, 2020, an admissions decision will be determined within 30 days.  Then, if accepted, you will be entitled to a one-time, Early Action Incentive Grant (EAIG) of $1,000.  To receive this EAIG, students must indicate that they are committed to the College by submitting an enrollment deposit of $200 in the following 30-day period.

Typically, we encourage applicants to visit Five Towns College during an Open House or schedule a Campus Tour. You will have the opportunity to explore our professional Audio and Film/Video Studios, MIDI Lab, Music Practice Rooms, Keyboard Lab, three performance theatres, classrooms designed with Smart Board Technology and more. See our student-run Commercial Radio Station (WFTU) in action, the FTC Television Studio, the Interactive Computer Graphics Lab, or one of the Sound Athletics basketball, soccer or volleyball games in play. The Sound Athletics Program will be having Esports soon, too!

Speak with Admissions Representatives or Financial Aid Officers for answers to any questions. Let us help guide you on your journey to becoming the next Five Towns College student! Feel free to email to schedule an appointment or

Call 631.656.2110 to speak to an Admissions Representative.