Beneath The Bright Lights: Five Towns College New Podcast

Beneath The Bright Lights: Five Towns College New Podcast

Five Towns College is pleased to announce a new platform where higher education and entertainment professionals can discuss, learn and hear about individuals’ experiences, and emerging and interesting trends in these related industries. Spearheaded by Ryan Schimmenti, Associate Director of Career Services and an accomplished Podcaster in his own right, Beneath the Bright Lights, will present exciting conversations with experts in their fields.

This collaboration from the Career Services Center and the Mass Communication Division will highlight discussions taking place among entertainment, media, higher education and business professionals.  Every Tuesday, Beneath the Bright Lights will showcase interviews with actors, musicians, music producers, engineers, filmmakers, educators, executives, broadcasters and everything in between centered within the entertainment industry.

Hear the first-hand accounts of the trials and tribulations of people who have dedicated their lives to working in the arts, the creative and education business, and the entertainment industry. Five Towns College is very proud of Beneath the Bright Lights and hopes this podcast will spark the curiosity of listeners to explore the world of entertainment further. A huge thank you to all of the brilliant contributors and creative minds who were involved in putting this together!

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