Compliance Certification for Faculty and Staff

Five Towns College welcomes all faculty and staff to campus. As part of the education/training onboarding and professional development required of a member of an institution of higher education, certain mandates under state and federal law must be completed.

For now, there are two parts for faculty and staff to read, review and certify to meet compliance requirements.

  • The first relates to both the NYS Article 129-B Education law a/k/a Enough is Enough about sexual assault on college campuses. There are also updates under the federal law, Title IX and that is included; since the subject matter is similar, the education and training is presented in Part 1 below.
  • The second relates to the annual requirements under NYS Labor Law, Section 201-G about Sexual Harassment Prevention and is set forth below in Part 2.
  • Please follow the instructions to assure compliance and thank you.

Part 1: The NYS Article 129-B, Enough is Enough and Title IX training. 

Please download and review the Title IX Resource Guide (PDF) and Five Towns College updated policy (PDF), also watch the videos below.

Part 2: NYS Labor Law 201-G, Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Training

Annual training and certification is required. To accomplish this and have it be interactive, please watch the two videos and submit questions, concerns or topics to discuss to

After you have thoroughly reviewed these materials, please complete the form to acknowledge and document that you have completed the required education/training.