By Jeff Kramer with additional reporting by Rebecca Evangelist


On Thursday, September 15th, the first full week of the Fall 2022 semester at Five Towns College was celebrated with a LIT dance party, glow in the dark edition. The evening had a very festive atmosphere that excited members of the FTC community who were present, especially first-year students.


Anthony Larkin, a Freshman Film major, enjoyed the event’s theme, saying, “I love the energy, it’s really great. Everyone seems really happy to be here. They got conga lines going on, free glowsticks, the food is great…we got some good stuff going on here.”


Five Towns College’s Weeks of Wows has provided students with activities and opportunities to have fun and make connections in the FTC community.  This month-long event series had something for everyone from retro arcade games, to movies, to a casino themed extravaganza.


Joseph Valentin, a Freshman Business Audio major, thought the party was a great way to be part of campus life. “I really like being able to go out and not stay stuck in the dorm, and enjoy the music, the glowness, and all the Shirley Temples. I’ve had five tonight.”


Glow Night had a good turnout of students who both live on campus and commute.  DJ Stan the Man played a variety of current hits as students danced and formed conga lines around the Downbeat.


Watch the behind-the-scenes fun:



Victoria Gonzalez, a Freshman Music Education major, enjoyed the event. “I really love the glowsticks, they’re a lot of fun. And I also love just listening to music, dancing with friends, and playing games.”


The Weeks of Wow series will be continuing throughout September.  FTC students should follow @fivetownscollege on Instagram for a schedule of events.