FTC Dorm Cooking: Mac & Cheese, Third Time’s a Charm


It took three tries to get an edible version of this comfort food classic, using only a microwave (and not a mix). FTC Dorm Cooking Host Hailey Neumann tackles Anthony Prevete’s recipe for Mac & Cheese.



Recipe: Anthony’s Mac & Cheese
    1. Macaroni – – fill it to about 1/3 of a big mug
    2. Water – fill it just before it covers the macaroni 3
    3. Add salt packets, can also use onion powder or paprika (added 3 due to unsalted butter)
    4. Take half the butter from the upbeat, mix it all in, chop up the butter
    5. Microwave on high at 2 minutes
    6. Mix again, make sure it’s not attached to the sides or bunched up
    7. Microwave on high for 2 more minutes – keep an eye on it, if it foams up, turn off the microwave until it goes down and then re-start it
    8. You may need to add a little more water
    9. You could potentially finish this with 15 seconds left
    10. Keep the water
    11. Add Heavy Whipping Cream– 40 ml
    12. Add the rest of the butter
    13. Mix it, and get the macaroni off the sides of the cup
    14. Add grated cheese, mild cheddar, three-cheese blend. Fill almost to the brim and mix
    15. Microwave for one more minute
    16. Add a little more cold cheese and toppings such as crumbled Cheetos!