By Sean Lanigan


On Friday nights, the Film Society at Five Towns College gathers to watch movies and discuss the major themes and what they liked (or disliked) about the selection.  Movies can have a powerful impact in terms of bringing people together and exploring different ways of life and thought.


One of the Film Society leaders is Alexander Nachman, a first-year film major, who discusses how Film Society has evolved, saying, “It started off as me and a few friends every Friday sitting down and watching films.  From there, it became a mission to have people experience different kinds of movies.  We also discovered we can make movies on campus, which can involve anyone from Film majors to Mass Comm majors.”


It’s one of the common threads that run through Five Towns College that students from all different majors and departments can work together as a team on various creative projects.  For example, one of the most enthusiastic members of Film Society is Jeff Kramer, a Mass Communications major.


When you think of movies, you think of all different genres and even genres within genres such as horror, thrillers, action-adventure, comedies, and dramas.  What do all of these genres have in common?  They have a desire to tell a great story.


Nachman explains the importance of learning from different filmmakers, saying, “All filmmakers use different techniques. You want to try and find as much different inspiration as you can find in the world of film.”


One movie that the society viewed this semester was the original Beauty and the Beast from 1991.  When the movie was over, various film society members discussed what they liked from a film student standpoint, narrowing in how characters from Beauty and the Beast are relatable.  A majority of film students at this meeting noted how the music added so much to Beauty and the Beast, a theatrical factor that is often critically discussed.


Brianna Hunter, a sophomore Film major, says one thing from Beauty and the Beast especially stood out to her, “I enjoy a lot of the shot choices from an animation standpoint that the director chose for this movie.”


The Film Society meets every Thursday in Room 303 from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm.  The society encourages all interested film buffs to join them to share ideas and join them for Film Fridays every Friday night in the Downbeat from 7:15 pm-10 pm.