FTC Students Meet Media and Entertainment Employers at Spring Career Fair



By Jacob Bila with additional reporting by James Miller


On Wednesday, April 6th, FTC students gathered in the Downbeat Cafe for the first employer networking event of the spring semester.   Students met employers from well-known companies, including Cox Media, WBAB, Hank Lane Entertainment, and even Arizona Iced Tea.


“This event was a great way to build connections. A few companies seemed interested in hiring me for an internship,” said sophomore Mass Comm major Christen Pastrana.


The event was produced by FTC Director of Career Services, Krysti O’Rourke, who said the event is a great way for students to take the first step at getting their foot in the door of their dream company.


“It’s a great way for students, whether they are ready or not for a job or internship, to just come down and find out about employers, find out what’s out there, and what they have to offer. Also, students can prepare to practice marketing themselves, getting dressed up for the event, having their resumes together, and meeting and greeting employers,” said O’Rourke.


Grace Tarsn, Internship Supervisor at Cox Media, explained the value of recruiting FTC students. “With Five Towns, the great thing is that you guys are media related, so everyone here is really interested in us.  It’s not like we have one or two people coming up. Everyone here is super interested in radio, film, and television, so it’s exciting to us that we have so many great people to talk to,” said Tarsn.


The event was primarily attended by students in their junior or senior year, though lower-class students were also welcome to participate. Freshman Jan Jagielski, who studies business management with a concentration in marketing, said these events are a great way for students to practice their networking and communication skills to build their brand and market themselves.


“It’s always a great feeling to interact and network with all the different employers that come to those events. It’s always a great experience to talk with people and just practice interviewing skills, being able to show your resume, and just finding out what people are looking for in the market,” said Jagielski, who found the experience to be a great way to learn how vital networking is in one’s career.


Jagielski is also Vice President of the FTC Business Club, which meets every Thursday during common hour (12:30 to 1:30 PM) in room 101. He encourages all students, especially those studying business, to attend career events to meet new people because “you never know who you are going to meet and where they can take you.”


The next career fair will be on Wednesday, April 27th, in the Downbeat Cafe. For more information, contact FTC Career Services Director Krysti O’Rourke.