FTC Students in the Spotlight


Students @ FTC are so busy. Here, it’s not just about academics, student life and community involvement. In addition, many students usually have individual projects going on that focus on their music-vocal and instrumental. Some students are in bands, some are involved in film/video projects, some are busy taking their acting or dancing skills to the next level, some have their own entertainment businesses that focus on the technical needs of performers, and some may be busy promoting what they do on social media or other mass communication networks.

Recently, three FTC students (one now a graduate) have drawn attention to themselves. So, we thought we’d shine a little spotlight on them for all to see. First up is Tommy Leak, Jr. Known as the lead for the popular band, Retrofeelya, Tommy can be seen around campus when he isn’t working with his band members or performing in the community. Together with some other FTC bands, including Jessica Chertock, and Resounding, Tommy led Retrofeelya in a show at the Amityville Music Hall last week. Spreading the work of musicians and a positive vibe in the community, FTC student led bands run the gamut as far as musical sound, genre and personality.

Next up is FTC student, Dino Ciccarelli. Though many know Dino from the S.G.A. and otherwise performing on campus, he has just launched his debut album titled, “The Beginning” with a deluxe edition as well. Both editions are now available on all music platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, and more. So, check out what this emerging singer/songwriter has to share.

Last, and certainly, not least, Steven Neiman, a recent graduate and a FTC filmmaker from New Jersey gained recognition in the local news with the production of his film project, “Hockey: A Game for All.” This is a media piece about the American Special Hockey Association created for players with developmental disabilities in 2000. Steven is in the midst of a fundraising effort to bring awareness about all the positive experiences participants get from playing in this great hockey league. Check out this FTC alum’s news here: http://northpassaic.dailyvoice.com/sports/pompton-lakes-man-makes-documentary-showing-hockey-is-a-game-for-all/699043/

So, there’s the spotlight and there are many more . . .stay posted!!