Paul “DC” Cohn (L), Hank Lane Music talks to Ryan Schimmenti(R), Career Services Associate Director.

by Briyahna Rice

Five Towns College’s Career Services hosted its Get Hired: Employer Buzz event on February 26th, opening its doors to Paul ‘DC’ Cohn, Senior Production Manager of Hank Lane Music & Productions, a 40-year old company dedicated to presenting top party bands in the event industry.

Cohn gave Five Towns students insights into his Queens origins before moving to Wantagh, Long Island at age 13. His love for music began with live music in his friend’s basement where older brothers would jam on Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, exposing him to tunes that he’d never heard before. He also enjoyed Hip Hop artists, Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac. And after discovering classic rock, he expanded his tastes and started attending live concerts.

Cohn received his bachelor’s degree in 2006 and formed Gasnick Sound with a partner, where they handled productions for Hank Lane events before Cohn eventually was promoted to Production Manager at the music and production company. He is now an A1 Level Audio Engineer and the Senior Production Manager, who’s rostering 30+ bands and is someone who’s made a career in the music industry without playing music.

When asked about what he hoped FTC students would take away from his seminar he replied, “I hope you will take from some of my experiences lessons that you can apply to your personal lives.”

Cohn also offered tips on what he looks for in an intern, “We’re just looking for dedication- someone that’s going to show up, absorb the information, and build on it. I want to see progression.”

FTC students were encouraged by Cohn when he invited them to submit their resumes and cover letters to Hank Lane Music & Productions for a shot at potential jobs and internships doing what they love in their chosen field.

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