Who’s Who in the Cast

Narrator – Sierra Nycole
Baker – Lily Boisvert
Baker’s Wife – Gaia Maria Tini
Little Red Riding Hood – A’shya Dawson
The Witch – Ella Beiser
Cinderella – Autumnmargaret Walthers
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Maggie Kate Madziarczyk
Florinda – Solange Signoret
Lucinda – Lilly Genovese
Jack – Robert Burns
Jack’s Mother – Yoland Penfield
Cinderella’s Prince – Paul Schiller
Rapunzel’s Prince – Joey Cicchelli III
Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Mother – Lianna Rivera
The Wolf – Justin Morris
Giant’s Wife/Granny – Theresa Tiernan
The Steward – Alex Nachman
Snow White – Lana Smith
Sleeping Beauty – Caitlin Alexis Scott and Hazel Moon Ragsdell
Tourist Ensemble – Justin Morris, Lana Smith, Theresa Tiernan
Caitlin Alexis Scott and Hazel Moon Ragsdell