Multiple Learning Modality

Five Towns College offers a distributed and multiple learning modality. As such, classes are offered in a traditional on-ground format, and in a fully online or hybrid format. Students who enroll at Five Towns College do so with the acceptance and understanding that any and all coursework offered by the College may be delivered in any of these formats, or in such other formats as may be developed. When a course is offered in a fully online or hybrid format, the College may then also offer the course in a traditional on-ground format when it determines that there is a sufficiency of enrollment.

Students attending online and hybrid courses acknowledge that a personal camera and a microphone are course requirements, and that these devices must be functional and turned on during the class session. Students who do not have such equipment may be removed from the class session. Regardless of the course modality, students in any class consent to the recording and archiving of the course and their participation therein, and that the College may, subsequently, make use of that archival material for any educational purpose it determines to be appropriate in the exercise of its sole discretion, without exception, royalty, or other fee.

During periods of a declared public emergency, the College reserves the right to change the learning modality of any class without advance notice. Tuition and fees paid to the College shall not be adjusted as a result of learning modality or change in learning modality.