LIVE BLOG: FTC at Great South Bay Music Festival- Day 2

Five Towns College students Alex Rempe and Fabian Savino follow the music, fun, and behind-the-scenes action at Shorefront Park in Patchogue, New York.





8:00 pm Update:

Nonstop to Cairo was a huge hit on the Clamshell Bandshell.   The ska funk hip hop alternative band pumped up the crowd while also taking a serious tone when they talked about losing a friend and band member to suicide.  Drummer Alexander Turner explained how the band carries on their bandmate’s legacy through their music, saying, “Losing Kevin was heavy. I don’t know. In a weird sort of way, it brought us closer together to be free; and just do it as he would want. We’re very grateful.”



Nonstop to Cairo performs on the Clamshell Bandshell


FTC Audio monitors the live sound of Nonstop to Cairo.



7:30 pm Update:

The last hour was filled with great music across the different stages.  At the Sunshine Stage, Project Vibe, a local reggae band, got the crowd moving and dancing in front of the stage. “They’re great and their name tells you everything,” said an audience member.


Project Vibe plays on the Sunshine Stage


Meanwhile, across the festival, Badfish jumped on the Brew Point Brews Stage to a large and excited crowd.  The group brands itself a Sublime tribute band.  Sublime ended in 1996 after the untimely death of its lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Brad Nowell.  The GSB crowd sang along to renditions of popular songs “What I Got” and “Santeria.”




6:45 pm Update:

The crowd continues to grow on this warm and breezy Friday night.  Oogee Wawa was the second band on the Blue Point Brews Stage, following Aqua Cherry.  They are a reggae/pop fusion band from Long Island and have toured all over the country.  Their new album “Ride Waves” is available on iTunes and can be purchased at the festival.



6:15 pm Update:

In between the Clamshell Bandshell and the Sunshine Stage are dozens of eclectic vendors with a variety of products to sell. See our video tour below.  We stopped by Fantasy Art by Michael Lombardi, who makes paintings with different mythical creatures and depictions. He told us, “I use water color and paint to create mythical creatures. My goal is to turn the mythical creature painting into a deck of oracle cards.”


Fantasy Art by Michael Lombardi



5:45 pm Update:

The Samurai Pizza Cats were the first band to play on the Clamshell Bandshell sponsored by Five Towns College on Day 2.  They entertained the crowd with originals plus some popular covers like Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”  We caught up with the band after their set and post-show interview with WFTU Radio.  “This is our fourth time playing the festival,” said band member LT Christie, who told us they previously played from 2017 to 2019. “This year’s crowd was big even with an earlier slot,” said Christie. The band is also currently recording a new untitled EP, according to band member Tim Diaz.


Post-show chat with the Samurai Pizza Cats


5:00 pm Update:

Day 2 of the Blue Point Brews main stage was opened by Aqua Cherry, who entertained the large crowd with their reggae pop rock sound.


Blue Point Brews Stage




4:15 pm Update:

Today was the first day the Sunshine Stage was open on the east end of Shorefront Park, and Samsara was the first band to perform at 4:00 pm. FTC Reporters Anthony Conti and Jisela Hernandez got the chance to interview the band, who told them, “We’re an alternative rock band.  This is our first time performing here.  We’ve done other festivals but not like this one.”  Check back at The Record Online for more of the interview with Samsara.

Samsara hits the Sunshine Stage




3:30 pm Update:

On Day 1 , Fabian tried a superb Chicken gyro from GnL Gyro so he had to come back on Day 2 for the secret sauce.  We met Andrew, who told us that the vendor has been selling at the Great South Bay Music Festival for 13 years.  We asked him what he would consider a successful business day and he told us that “big crowds and good music make for a great festival.”  We are heading over to the Sunshine Stage, which opens today, to see Samara, who plays at 4 pm.


Fabian and Andrew from GnL Gyro


3:00 pm Update:

The doors are open and we are waiting for the bands to play.  Before everything gets too busy, we walked over to the merchandise tent to get a look at what they were selling. This tent sells merch for individual bands and for the festival. They are selling hats and t-shirts for $25, hoodies for $50, long-sleeve shirts for $40, tank tops for $20, and blankets for $60.   So, you are covered for any kind of weather that may occur at the festival.


Official Great South Bay Music Festival merch


Aqua Cherry merch

2:30 pm Update:

We’re in front of the main Blue Point Brews Stage where they are doing a sound check. We spoke to Five Towns College Professor Jee Yun Lee about what makes a successful sound check and she emphasized a “good level, no technical difficulties, and good communication.”  Here’s a listen:



2:00 pm Update:

Five Towns College is back for Day 2 of the Great South Bay Music Festival.  Alex Rempe and Fabian Savino here, taking over the blogging reins from Jisela Hernandez and Anthony Conti.  The FTC audio crew is getting ready for another day of live music. I spoke to Audio major Samantha Winter about how she expected Day 2 to go.  Samantha told me,  “I’m expecting everything to go well today and for the bands to start on time. I expect everything to sound good.” Festival doors are scheduled to open at 3 pm. We just got word that the Clamshell Bandshell’s 3:30 pm band, Sturdy Souls, cancelled, so the first live act will be Samurai Pizza Cats at 4:50 pm.  Check back for updates throughout the day.


Fabian Savino and Alex Rempe get ready to blog


FTC Audio pre-production meeting


James Miller preps the stage signage