LIVE BLOG: FTC at Great South Bay Music Festival- Day 1

Five Towns College students Jisela Hernandez and Anthony Conti follow the music, fun, and behind-the-scenes action at Shorefront Park in Patchogue, New York.




8:30 pm Update:

This is our final update highlighting Day 1 at the Great South Bay Music Festival.   We enjoyed all of the bands’ music and appreciated everyone who came together to help make the first day such a good experience for both students and festival attendees. We’re looking forward to spending the next few days here and seeing everything the festival has to offer. Tonight’s big act on the mainstage is GroupLove.

Jisela Hernandez and Anthony Conti sign off for Day 1 at the Great South Bay Music Festival


8:00 pm Update:

The crowds are really streaming in now and the fields are filling up. The Montauk Project just rocked the stage, engaging the audience with their unique sound.   After their set, they stopped by the WFTU Radio tent for a live on-air chat.


The Montauk Project talks to WFTU Radio Hosts Jacob Bila and Aaron McLaughlin



7:30pm Update:

Five Towns Audio students are still working hard and breaking down after The Montauk Project’s set.  Here’s the audio board they have been using all day to manage each audio channel coming from the stage.  Master’s student Oliver Roach is working on the production and said, “I’m having a great time today despite the hot weather. No matter – this is what we do!”  WFTU Radio will be interviewing The Montauk Project shortly.


The FTC audio board gets a moment of rest.



7:00pm Update:

As Zuli Jr. finished up their second song, the sound guy let them know they had run out of time.  Many fans were left disappointed after hearing that the band couldn’t finish their set because of the doors opening late and the technical difficulties that happened during sound checks on the main stage. The Montauk Project just continued their set over at the Clamshell Bandshell and Family Dinner is up next on the main stage.


Fans listening to Zuli Jr. on the Blue Point Brews stage


6:30 pm Update:

One of the most important things that goes into running a festival is keeping people safe.  A security guard named Alicia was nice enough to answer a question we had about the dangers of a hosting a festival and what her security job here entails. “A few things we have to look out for are crowds being a bit rowdy, you know like jumping around potentially knocking other people over, people who may pass out from being dehydrated and or suffering from heat exhaustion. And there are always people who get excited and drink a little too much.” Alicia also mentioned how sound checks are like private shows for her, saying, “When bands sound check before the crowd, it feels like they’re playing to me and it distracts me from the fact I’ve been working all day!”


Police presence at the Great South Bay Music Festival


6 pm Update:

As Like Minded Criminals is finishing up their set at the Clamshell Bandshell, Family Dinner is getting ready to play on the main Blue Point Brews Stage.  People are making their way over to get a good spot to enjoy the second band of the day, even bringing their own lawn chairs and blankets to relax.


The Blue Point Brews Stage



5:30 pm Update:

Doors are finally open and Like Minded Criminals have started their set. As the crowd is starting to move in, people are flocking to see the first band kick off the first night of the Great South Bay Music Festival.   The FTC Audio division is hard at work at the Clamshell Bandshell.






4:30 pm Update:

Doors are still not open so we headed to the food tents.  The food and drink vendors are all set up and waiting for guests to arrive.  Here at the GSB fairgrounds, there’s a big variety to choose from: hot dogs, hamburgers, gyros and turkey legs are what’s hot on the menu and they all smell great. No lines right now, but they will surely fill up soon!

We spoke with Tashana from Tashana’s Kitchen briefly about her first time at the GSB festival. Tashana’s kitchen is known for making unique Mac and Cheese cupcakes.  She told us, “This is my first time at the festival.  A lot of people are intrigued by the unique cupcake flavors.”  Tashana also explained how she works out of a commercial kitchen and has been loving the change of scenery.


Tashana from Tashana’s Kitchen


A big variety of food at the GSB Festival


4 pm Update:

The festival doors will open at 4:30 pm, an hour and a half later than expected. The first band of the festival, Bohemians, was cancelled.  Like Minded Criminals will open the show at 4:30pm from the Clamshell Bandshell.


Eager attendees wait to enter the Great South Bay Music Festival



3:30 pm Update:

WFTU Radio (1570 AM / 1490 FM) is covering the GSB Festival for all four days with a cast of rotating hosts.  FTC Mass Comm students Aaron McLaughlin, Jeff Kramer, Jacob Bila, Vanessa Tewes, Patrick DePace, Kate Miller, and Brandon Laxton will be covering everything from the pop-up shops, food vendors, plus interviews with the bands.  Listen live at WFTU


Gidget Terry from ‘Empanadas by Lady G’ talks to WFTU Radio


First Live Radio Interview with FTC HS Summer Scholars




2:45 pm Update:

We’re at the Clamshell Bandshell stage, which is sponsored and run by Five Towns College, watching our colleagues set-up for the first band.  The FTC HS summer scholars are lending a helping hand by shooting some establishing video shots. Everyone’s working hard to keep the festival on track and to give the fans a great show.   GSB Festival sources tell us that the event opening time is being pushed back.  Additional details coming….


Clamshell Bandshell Set-Up


HS Summer Scholars shooting video



2 pm Update:

FTC Seniors Anthony Conti and Jisela Hernandez here with Five Towns College all day, giving you LIVE updates from the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue, NY.    FTC students, faculty, and HS Summer Scholars are prepping for a day of music and video production while the artists and vendors are getting ready for the doors to open at 3pm!  Come visit us at the WTFU Radio tent and check back with The FTC Record throughout the day for music and festival news.


Jisela Hernandez and Anthony Conti